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Alphabet Soup Academy

Alphabet Soup Academy, a family owned and operated company, opened its doors in 2009 on the South end of Bloomington, IL near Pepper Ridge Elementary School. Located on 5 acres of land and made up of two separate buildings we care for newborns through 12 years of age. Each building is made up of three classrooms. They are separated as follows; Infants, Toddlers, Two's, Three's, Fours and Fives, and School Age.

  • From Energy Therapies Alliance of Central IL, LLP

    How often should one receive this type of treatment?

    After an initial visit, your practitioner or the doctor on staff will discuss how you feel and your goals. People receiving integrative therapies have reported the most healing benefits. We encourage patients to receive 4-5 sessions within 3 weeks to open up and begin balancing their energy system.

  • From Design Plus Granite

    How do I clean my granite countertops?

    Regular maintenance of your tops is easy, just use mild soap and water. When properly maintained, your granite tops will last a lifetime.

  • From Jenny Smith Kitchen and Bath Department Manager - KBL Design Center

    Once we have the design, how long until the cabinets are delivered?

    The delivery time ranges from three to six weeks depending on the cabinet manufacturer.

  • From Design Plus Granite

    Are the seams very noticeable?

    First of all, we try to give you the least number of seams possible. This varies depending on the size of the slabs and your particular counter top or island design. Seams are approximately 1/16” in width. They are done with epoxy and mixed with stone dust along with a color pigment to match your stone.

  • From Design Plus Granite

    I’ve heard that granite breeds bacteria, is that true?

    We think that rumor was started by the “solid surface” manufacturers. Granite does not generate or “breed” any more or any less bacteria than your average countertop surface.