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Energy Conservation Specialists is a division of Kalman Engineering, Inc. a family operated Mechanical Contractor located in Pekin, IL for the past 28 years.
What makes is substantially different from other contractors is the fact that we look at the total needs of our customers.

  • From Energy Conservation Specialists

    I am planning for insulation upgrade, especially in the kitchen area where it is cold in the winter and hot in the summer, what do I need to consider?

    Contact a BPI rated energy auditor to evaluate the attic insulation. The person will look for thermal bypasses which are very typical in older homes especially in the kitchen and sofit area. These areas typically open to the attic and are very cold or hot when it is looked at with an infra red camera. These areas need to be sealed from the outside environment in order to improve comfort and reduce losses in energy usage.

  • From Just Kidz Dentistry

    How can we prevent tooth decay?

    Children should see the pediatric dentist soon after the eruption of the first baby tooth. In this way we can start your child off early using proper oral hygiene measures, which along with a healthy balanced diet will ensure a lifetime of healthy teeth.

  • From Sound Choice Hearing Clinic

    How can I recognize hearing problems?

    Most of the time hearing problems begin gradually, without discomfort or pain. What's more, family members often learn to adapt to someone's hearing loss, without even realizing they are doing it. Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine whether or not you have hearing loss:

    • Do I often ask people to repeat themselves?
    • Do I have trouble following conversations with more than two people?
    • Do I have difficulty hearing what is said unless I'm facing the speaker?
    • Does it sound like other people are mumbling or slurring their words?
    • Do I struggle to hear in crowded places like restaurants, malls and meeting rooms?
    • Do I have a hard time hearing women or children?
    • Do I prefer the TV or radio volume louder than others?
    • Do I experience ringing or buzzing in my ears?
    If you answered yes to several of these questions, chances are you do suffer from hearing loss.

  • From Jenny Smith Kitchen and Bath Department Manager - KBL Design Center

    Is there a cost for having a professional designer create a kitchen plan for me?

    KBL provides professional design service at no charge to our clients.

  • From Design Plus Granite

    Aren’t all granites dark-colored?

    No. There is a wide range of colors to choose from to match any decor and compliment any cabinetry. You can find granites with green, blue, yellow, beige, taupe, mauve, pink, peach, gold, red, black, gray and brown.