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TroubleFree Plumbing knows the dynamics of plumbing and is dedicated to providing our customers with quality service at competitive prices. We will service all of your plumbing needs with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! If you are not completely satisfied with an installation or service repair job that we did we will come back and do the work again for FREE!

  • From Michael Benet - Kauth & Mayeur

    Where are you located?

    We are on Orange Street a half block off of Main Street in Peoria. We are located next to the Peoria Next Innovation Center. For over 30 years we have been in that same location growing with Peoria. We are conveniently located near Bradley University, Caterpillar downtown corporate headquarters & all of the hospitals and associated medical buildings. Come visit us.

  • From Heartland Healthcare Center Peoria

    How long does the average patient stay receive therapy and nursing services before returning home

    On average, patients stay approximately 30 days. Each patient is individually assessed and receives specialized therapy programming based on individual needs.

  • From Sound Choice Hearing Clinic

    How much do hearing aids cost?

    The price of a hearing aid will vary depending on the specific model and features you need, and how effective it is in various noise environments. We also offer financing.

  • From Energy Therapies Alliance of Central IL, LLP

    What if I am seeing a Physician, Psychologist or complementary care provider?

    Integrative therapies are a wonderful complement to your current treatment. It does not interfere with medication or treatment. Energy therapy should in no way take the place of licensed medical care. It works phenomenally, with many complementary treatments such as chiropractic, counseling and physical therapy. We work with a number of patients receiving chemotherapy and radiation. The patient reports to ETA and their physicians the benefits. We encourage you to share with your physician that you are working with ETA and the treatment plan we recommend.

  • From Energy Conservation Specialists

    I am heating my home with LP gas and the heating cost are very high.

    Consider improving the thermal envelope of your home (insulation, air sealing) and install an air source or geothermal heating plant. Specific recommendations with respect to high efficiency systems will be provided. Savings up to 70% can be achieved if the job is done correctly.