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We’re a premiere finance team that specializes in high risk loans. At Team Works Auto Sales, our success is defined by finding the right car, for the right individual, to the right lender. Buying a used car in Central Illinois can be challenging enough as it is but when you need bad credit financing for buying a used vehicle, it can make your used auto purchase even more challenging. As far as used car loans in Peoria-Tazewell County, our lender relationship is second to none.

  • From Trouble Free

    Why choose a tankless over a regular hot water heater?


  • From P&W Builders

    Why is now such a good time to build a new home?

    n 2008, the headlines screamed: “Downturn”, “Foreclosure”, and “Recession”, when they should actually have been screaming: “Low Interest Rates”, “Tax Credits” and “Opportunity”. The Peoria area economy kept humming along, even as other areas of the country sputtered, spit, and slowed to a crawl. Our company was around for the early 1980’s, and we remember what it was like: High unemployment, high interest rates, huge drops in home values, and families leaving Peoria at record rates to find greener pastures. We knew that this most recent downturn in our industry was driven by the national media and panic. The reality for Peoria, Illinois is this:
    1) 30 year fixed interest rates are well below 4%, 15 year rates are below 3%.
    2) We still have some of the most affordable homes and building sites in the country.
    3) When you consider the tax advantages of interest and property taxes, the long term appreciation in value, and the functional value of a home, it is one of the best investments you can make.
    4) Many of the material costs that skyrocketed several years ago have not only returned to more historical prices, but some of the “fuel surcharges” that were being tacked onto many deliveries have been cut or eliminated.

    So, why is this a good time to build? Lots are available; interest rates are low; the value of your existin

  • From ICPR

    I have experienced pain during every day activities like taking a walk, climbing stairs, carrying groceries or getting on the floor to play with the grandkids. Do I have any options to restore my body so I can partake in these activities without pain?

    With the help of our on-staff physical therapy team at ICPR we can get you back to participating and enjoying everyday activities. We can help restore your ability to do the things you love - without pain. We personalize a plan for you that will get you back to participating and enjoying activities you love. With the help of our expert therapists, and our physical therapy program - along with the at-home exercises you are assigned, your plan is designed to find solutions to pain that nags. We will work with you to get you back to participating and enjoying activities you love.

  • From ICPR

    Cory Sharp, Certified Physician Assistant

    Cory can help patients of all ages providing care for various medical conditions, preventative care, and coordinating care for chronic conditions. When he is not working hard in the office, you can find him cheering on the best team in baseball, the St. Louis Cardinals! Call and schedule your appointment with Cory today!

  • From Benjamin F. Edwards & Co.

    Can contributions be made to a Traditional IRA after age 70.5?

    No. With a traditional IRA, no contribution can be made for the tax year in which you turn age 70.5 and beyond. However, if you are still working, you and your employer can continue making contributions to an employer-sponsored retirement plan. With a Roth IRA, as long as you have earned income you can still make contributions after turning 70.5 (assuming you are under the maximum modified adjusted gross income limit).