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Alphabet Soup Academy

Alphabet Soup Academy, a family owned and operated company, opened its doors in 2009 on the South end of Bloomington, IL near Pepper Ridge Elementary School. Located on 5 acres of land and made up of two separate buildings we care for newborns through 12 years of age. Each building is made up of three classrooms. They are separated as follows; Infants, Toddlers, Two's, Three's, Fours and Fives, and School Age.

  • From Trouble Free

    Accessories for your Shower


  • From Energy Conservation Specialists

    I have a 100 year old farm house with hot water heat. I would like to reduce heating expenses and add air conditioning.

    First, I suggest looking at ways to reduce the heating and cooling loads. Air sealing and insulating your home the best you can. Your home is most likely balloon framed and your insulation contractor will know how to handle situations like this. If you do not have a contractor we can help you locate one. Consider installing a high efficiency, 92-96% condensing boiler for heating. The air conditioning can be accomplished more than one way. You could consider a conventional system installed in the attic, a high velocity system, or a ductless mini split system will do a good job as well.

  • From Jenny Smith Kitchen and Bath Department Manager - KBL Design Center

    Does KBL sell appliances?

    We do not sell appliances however, we work closely with all the appliance suppliers in our area.

  • From Mason Funeral Homes

    All of my wishes are in my lock box.

    Most of the time that is not opened until after the service so it is best to have a copy with a family member and the funeral home.

  • From Heartland Healthcare Center Peoria

    How long does the average patient stay receive therapy and nursing services before returning home

    On average, patients stay approximately 30 days. Each patient is individually assessed and receives specialized therapy programming based on individual needs.