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Home Health Care Plus, Inc.

Home Health Care Plus, Inc., a leader in home health in Central Illinois, has been serving clients and their families for over 20 years. We work closely with our clients and their physicians to coordinate the best possible combination of professional care services in the patient’s own home or home setting to bring each patient to an optimal level of independence.Our ongoing commitment to providing the highest standard of professional care for our clients and our personal approach to that care make us unique.

  • From Murray Custom Cabinetry

    What do I need to get started with my project?

    Whether you are remodeling or building a new home, come visit the Murray Custom Cabinetry showroom on 4410 Entec Dr, Bartonville, IL 61607. Joel and Abby will be there to greet you and help you understand what the first initial steps of your project should be. Redesigning an existing space or building a new home is a daunting and sometimes stressful process, and every project is different. Most customers start by visiting our showroom with rough measurements or blueprints. From there, Joel and Abby will help you select the perfect style of cabinets and recommend a game plan to help you complete your project. Walk-ins are always welcome, but you can set an appointment if you would like.

  • From P&W Builders

    “What in the world does P&W Builders mean by an ‘Expandable Home’?“

    Doesn’t “expandable” apply more to balloons, stretch pants, and waistlines around the Holidays than to a home with a foundation and roof? Visit a P&W Builders Open House to put to rest any concerns about an inflatable house or a construction that looks like a Lego, ready to accept more pieces as needed. We construct homes designed to meet our customers’ needs and budget today, with incredible amounts of space available in our “attics” for future finish and/or as an attractive re-sale feature. Believe it or not, our 2, 3, or 4 bedroom designs can become 4, 5, 6, even up to 9 bedroom homes with additional space left for a media room, play area, or additional storage. And we accomplish this without adding any foundation or roof to the home. The most obvious for and expandable home is looking for a starter home. Also, families can grow bigger than dreamed; or a promotion may mean relocation. Re-sale brings opportunities for buyers to envision your starter home as a much more valuable investment. However, the concept isn’t just for the starters. Many “empty nesters” feel the squeeze from the generations on each side. Extra living space may be required to save the cost of a nursing home for parents who need regular care; or for the unexpected return of a family member in need of a place to live while getting back on their feet. A very popular use is “home base” for the kids and grandkids when they come for a visit from out of town. Other possibilities include sewing rooms, craft and hobby areas, and game rooms. So maybe the question should be, “Who shouldn’t consider an expandable home?”

  • From ICPR

    I have experienced pain during every day activities like taking a walk, climbing stairs, carrying groceries or getting on the floor to play with the grandkids. Do I have any options to restore my body so I can partake in these activities without pain?

    With the help of our on-staff physical therapy team at ICPR we can get you back to participating and enjoying everyday activities. We can help restore your ability to do the things you love - without pain. We personalize a plan for you that will get you back to participating and enjoying activities you love. With the help of our expert therapists, and our physical therapy program - along with the at-home exercises you are assigned, your plan is designed to find solutions to pain that nags. We will work with you to get you back to participating and enjoying activities you love.

  • From Mason Funeral Homes

    Is embalming always required?

    Only necessary when any type of a viewing is required.

  • From Heartland Healthcare Center Normal

    How many patients return home?

    In 2009, Heartland Peoria returned 199 patients home safely. It has been proven that Your Best Way Home is through OUR doors.