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Michael Benet - Kauth & Mayeur

Michael Benet is the President of Kauth & Mayeur in Peoria, which has been in business as a Bosch-authorized service center since 1977. Michael personally tunes high performance Porsches for the nation's top athletes. He is also a PRO-licensed Sports Car Racer with multiple national wins, poles, and records. He and several of his staff of twelve are trained in servicing the top import brands including Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Lexus, Volvo, Saab, Ferrari, and Porsche.

  • From Benjamin F. Edwards & Co.

    When must I begin taking distributions from my Traditional IRA?

    IRS regulations state that a Traditional IRA owner must begin to take withdrawals from the IRA beginning the year they reach age 70½. Distributions from a Roth IRA are not required during the IRA owner’s lifetime. Distributions for the year the IRA owner reaches age 70½ (their first distribution year) can be take either: • In the year the IRA owner reaches age 70½ or, • By April 1 of the following year. This April 1 date is known as the “Required Beginning Date”.

  • From Energy Conservation Specialists

    My home is very drafty especially winter time and hard to maintain temperature in two rooms?

    One of the main reasons is missing insulation and excessive air exchange. Have a BPI rated professional evaluate the shell of your home (outside walls and ceiling insulation).

  • From Trouble Free

    Is your sump pump good enough?


  • From ICPR

    Dr. Volkan Sumer

    Dr. Sumer is a father of three with true heart and passion for providing the best quality healthcare and has exemplified it day in and day out since he founded ICPR in 2001. It’s also the reason he chose Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) over the more traditional M.D. degree because it offers a more holistic approach to medicine. By combining traditional treatments with spinal manipulations, Dr. Sumer treats the entire person and the source of the condition, not just the uncomfortable symptoms. So if you’re looking for a physician that offers a positive, encouraging support system in your quest for wellness, give Dr. Sumer a call.

  • From Just Kidz Dentistry

    Are baby teeth important to my child?

    “Baby teeth” or primary teeth help children with proper chewing and biting, along with speech development. They also act as a guide path for permanent teeth when they are ready for eruption. Statistics suggest that the number of children getting cavities is on the rise especially among young children. Healthy habits are important to develop s that can continue into adulthood.