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Just Kidz Dentistry

Just Kidz Dentistry has been centrally located in Peoria for 10 years, and with continued growth, we opened a second location in Washington 4 years ago. Both locations provide dentistry for infants, children and teens in a unique “kid-friendly” atmosphere. We are dedicated to providing your child with the benefits of modern and effective dental care by using advanced procedures in the industry.

  • From Trouble Free

    Why choose a comfort height toilet?


  • From Energy Conservation Specialists

    I am heating my home with LP gas and the heating cost are very high.

    Consider improving the thermal envelope of your home (insulation, air sealing) and install an air source or geothermal heating plant. Specific recommendations with respect to high efficiency systems will be provided. Savings up to 70% can be achieved if the job is done correctly.

  • From Michael Benet - Kauth & Mayeur

    Do you sell parts for my import auto?

    We have a great staff of dedicated parts professionals that can provide you with the items that you need right over the counter. We have a huge inventory of standard import parts and we can special order hard to find items for next day delivery to our shop.

  • From Design Plus Granite

    Isn't granite expensive?

    It is true that up until a few short years ago, only the very wealthy could afford granite. But today, with the advancements that have been made in the quarrying, shipping and fabricationi of stone, this is no longer the case. As a general rule, there is now a wide selection of granite that prices out very competitively with Corian, Avonite, and other plastic solid surface material.

  • From P&W Builders

    I’d like to build, but I have a home to sell. How can P&W “lock in my price” on a new home while I sell my existing?

    Many consumers interested in a new home in today’s market are afraid of ending up with two homes at the end of the construction process. Others want to avoid bridge loans, trying to coordinate the completion of their new home with the possession of their existing, and all of the decisions involved with getting the old house ready to sell while making choices for the new. We recommend a simple solution. A P&W “Subject to Sale” contract guarantees the price of a customer’s home for up to 120 days, contingent upon the sale of your home, or your stock value, or financing, or anything that makes an immediate purchase inconvenient or inconceivable. Let’s take it one step further. We talk to people all of the time who think they have to purchase a lot up-front, before they have even begun planning a new home or trying to sell their existing. If their house doesn’t sell or if they change their minds, they are stuck with a lot, the accompanying taxes, lot maintenance, and the constant reminder of a gamble that didn’t pay off. If you are considering building on one of our lots, we will “hold” that lot during the “Subject to Sale” period, and give you “Right of First Refusal” if someone comes along and wants to purchase it immediately. What happens if you change your mind or can’t sell your home? If the terms of the “Subject to Sale” are not meant, there is no contract. No obligation on your part, nothing lost on ours. From a contractor’s standpoint, we can “lock in” subcontractors and suppliers pricing for homes that are contracted, even as price increases take affect for other new jobs. We offer our customers a “No Lose” proposition. Hold the price of the house, reserve the lot, and guarantee they won’t be stuck with two homes. In this market, it is exactly what many customers are looking for, but few others offer.