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Murray Custom Cabinetry

Murray Custom Cabinetry, owned and operated by Tom Murray, provides expert cabinet design services for Amish custom cabinets in Central Illinois and is located in Bartonville, near Peoria, IL. Design experts Joel Kerr and Abby Lyons design kitchens, bathrooms, home offices and much more using Helmuth (HCK) brand Amish cabinets. Helmuth Custom Kitchens (HCK) have been established since 1964 and are manufactured in Arthur, IL. Each cabinet order is backed by a lifetime warranty and produced using environmentally safe practices.

  • From Murray Custom Cabinetry

    What makes the cabinets at Murray Custom Cabinetry different?

    HCK cabinets are made in America in Arthur, IL, using environmentally safe practices. The cabinets are all plywood construction (no formaldehyde added) using only hand select hardwoods from reforested areas. All drawers are solid hardwood and dovetailed, and all orders come with complimentary hardware that is pre-drilled for your convenience. The cabinets have a lifetime warranty backed by HCK, which has been in business since 1964. The standard of quality in the sanding and cutting of the cabinet materials provides a level of excellence at the prices comparable to that of a big box store.

  • From The Antioch Group, Inc.

    What do you mean by “Contemporary Christian Counseling” in your headline?

    The Antioch Group is “Contemporary” in that we draw upon cutting-edge, empirical evidence-based methods for treating mental health suffering. We are “Christian” in that our care foundationally rests upon the dignity and worth of all human beings, the healing power of spiritual practices (i.e. self-examination, prayer), and a commitment to treat people as individuals – the hallmark of the Christian faith.

  • From The Antioch Group, Inc.

    Will I have to do my own insurance billing?

    Generally, no. When a person makes an appointment, our support services staff will ask for an insurance plan number and individual insurance account information. Our staff will call your insurer as a courtesy to you, so you start your care knowing exactly what the amount of your coverage is.

  • From Ralph Garber - Garber Heating & Cooling

    How efficient is a geothermal system?

    A geothermal system is more than three times as efficient as the most efficient ordinary system. Because geothermal systems do not burn fossil fuels to make heat, they provide three to four units of energy for every one unit used to power the system.

  • From Hawthorne Inn Assisted Living

    Tell us more about AJ’s Fitness Center.

    AJ’s Fitness Center is on track to good health. AJ’s is just another way residents can reach and maintain their optimum levels of function. This state-of-the-art fitness room is outfitted with strength training and endurance equipment, which allows for an easy individualized strengthening workout. For a tour call 693-1400.