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Alphabet Soup Academy

Alphabet Soup Academy, a family owned and operated company, opened its doors in 2009 on the South end of Bloomington, IL near Pepper Ridge Elementary School. Located on 5 acres of land and made up of two separate buildings we care for newborns through 12 years of age. Each building is made up of three classrooms. They are separated as follows; Infants, Toddlers, Two's, Three's, Fours and Fives, and School Age.

  • From Energy Conservation Specialists

    I am heating my home with LP gas and the heating cost are very high.

    Consider improving the thermal envelope of your home (insulation, air sealing) and install an air source or geothermal heating plant. Specific recommendations with respect to high efficiency systems will be provided. Savings up to 70% can be achieved if the job is done correctly.

  • From Ralph Garber - Garber Heating & Cooling

    Do geothermal systems require much maintenance?

    No. Geothermal systems are virtually maintenance free. When installed properly, the buried loop will last for generations. And the other half of the operation – the unit's fan, compressor and heat pump – is housed indoors, protected from harsh weather. Periodic checks and filter changes are the only required maintenance.

  • From Design Plus Granite

    I’ve heard that granite breeds bacteria, is that true?

    We think that rumor was started by the “solid surface” manufacturers. Granite does not generate or “breed” any more or any less bacteria than your average countertop surface.

  • From Alphabet Soup Academy

    Why should I choose you over other centers?

    Family owned and operated
    We have created a family friendly environment. You will see the same smiling faces every day when you walk through our doors. Here at Alphabet Soup your family is our family! We have an open door policy, which means you are welcome here any time. If you ever have any problems feel free to come to me or any of the staff and it will be solved right away. We are here to make our daycare/preschool a positive experience not only for your child, but your entire family.

    Space to run!
    Since we are located on five acres of land there is plenty of room for the children to run! We have huge fenced in play yards, lots of play equipment, and cut out trails in our woods to walk through. Having two buildings right next to each other gives us maximum space inside as well. Since both buildings were renovated we were able to make the space in each classroom larger.

    Summer Programs
    Our Preschool Summer program includes two field trips per week. Field trips include going to places like the Children's Discovery Museum, the spray park, the Police Dept., and the Fire Dept.

    Our School Age Summer program includes three field trips per week. Field trips include going to places like the Science and Industry Museum and The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, The City Museum and the Zoo in St. Louis, the pool, and many other places around Bloomington/Normal. Our summer programs are jammed packed full of fun and exciting field trips!

    Web Accessible Cameras
    To help the transition for you and your child attending a new center we have cameras in every room for your convenience. You can log onto our website anytime. After putting in your ID and Password you can see your child on camera anywhere you can get an internet connection!

  • From Design Plus Granite

    Are the seams very noticeable?

    First of all, we try to give you the least number of seams possible. This varies depending on the size of the slabs and your particular counter top or island design. Seams are approximately 1/16” in width. They are done with epoxy and mixed with stone dust along with a color pigment to match your stone.