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Granite & Countertops

Design Plus Granite

6311 W Development Drive
Peoria, IL 61604
(309) 697-9778

5901 N Prospect Road
Junction City, IL 61614
(309) 714-1960
Hours of Operation
  • Peoria
  • Monday - Friday8:00 - 4:30pm
  • Junction City
  • Tuesday - Saturday10:00am - 6:00pm

Granite Countertops

With over 10 years of experience in the stone industry, we are the leading granite fabricators in the Central Illinois area. We are importers of quality marble and granite for kitchens baths, fireplaces, or any stone need.

At Design Plus we can help you select the granite, cabinets, flooring and appliances to get the look you want. Select from over 200 granite slabs, quality Amish crafted cabinets, natural stone flooring, and German engineered Miele appliances.

Design Plus Cabinet & Granite Gallery…Expect More. Now with two convenient Peoria area locations…Junction City and Development Drive. Call or stop by for a Free Design Consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't granite expensive?
It is true that up until a few short years ago, only the very wealthy could afford granite. But today, with the advancements that have been made in the quarrying, shipping and fabricationi of stone, this is no longer the case. As a general rule, there is now a wide selection of granite that prices out very competitively with Corian, Avonite, and other plastic solid surface material.
What are the advantages of having granite?
  • Granite can withstand heat up to 1800 degrees.
  • Granite can be used as a cutting board (although we don't recommend this as it will dull your knives).
  • For those who love to bake, granite is the perfect prep surface for all your pastries.
  • With your granite counter top your kitchen will look as beautiful as the day it was installed for many, many years to come.
  • Unlike plastic counter top material, (remember the yellow Formica from the 1960's?) granite is not a "dated" counter top material. Natural stone has been used throughout the centuries and has maintained "timeless beauty".
Isn’t granite porous? What about sealers?
Granite is the next hardest material to a diamond. There are some granites that are more porous than others however, all of our granite countertops are sealed during the fabrication process and again upon installation. The rule of thumb is that when the water no longer beads up, it’s time to re-seal. For some folks that’s two years, for some it’s 4-5. It depends upon usage.
I’ve heard that granite breeds bacteria, is that true?
We think that rumor was started by the “solid surface” manufacturers. Granite does not generate or “breed” any more or any less bacteria than your average countertop surface.
How do I clean my granite countertops?
Regular maintenance of your tops is easy, just use mild soap and water. When properly maintained, your granite tops will last a lifetime.
Doesn’t granite scratch easily?
No. Granite is a very durable work surface and has proven itself over the centuries. The only things that can scratch granite are carbide, diamond or another piece of granite.
Are the seams very noticeable?
First of all, we try to give you the least number of seams possible. This varies depending on the size of the slabs and your particular counter top or island design. Seams are approximately 1/16” in width. They are done with epoxy and mixed with stone dust along with a color pigment to match your stone.
Aren’t all granites dark-colored?
No. There is a wide range of colors to choose from to match any decor and compliment any cabinetry. You can find granites with green, blue, yellow, beige, taupe, mauve, pink, peach, gold, red, black, gray and brown.
How long a process is it to get granite installed?
A deposit is required to order your slab material. Installation is approximately 6-8 weeks from time of deposit. If you are having new cabinetry installed, all of the new cabinets must be in place in order for us to template. Delivery of your finished tops is approximately 7-14 business days from time of template.
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