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Energy Conservation Specialists

1 Robin Lane
Pekin, IL 61554
(309) 346-6100
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Energy Conservation Specialists

Energy Conservation Specialists is a division of Kalman Engineering, Inc. a family operated Mechanical Contractor located in Pekin, IL for the past 28 years.
What makes is substantially different from other contractors is the fact that we look at the total needs of our customers.

While most contractors just replace the existing equipment, we evaluate the shell of the building and make recommendations based on our findings. The division of Energy Conservation Specialists is following the recommended practices of BPI (Building Performance Institute).

We do Heat Load Calculations for your home or office building and evaluate your utility statements. The Blower Door Tests, Combustion Safety Tests, and Infra Red Inspections will allow us to present solutions for your energy reductions goals.

After evaluating our findings, we make specific recommendations as to prudent and cost effective improvement including insulation and air sealing upgrades.

We support the Energy Conservation efforts of the Ameren Act On Energy Program.
We believe in promoting the latest insulation materials the latest technology including the use of high efficiency variable speed two stage products and Geothermal equipment. We are a certified designer, installer and servicer of Climate Master and Rheem Geothermal products and service all other major brands of geothermal equipment..

All of this work will be done with the primary goal of reducing the energy consumption of our customers. Our goal is your total satisfaction and we pledge to work with our customers to earn their trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

My home is very drafty especially winter time and hard to maintain temperature in two rooms?
One of the main reasons is missing insulation and excessive air exchange. Have a BPI rated professional evaluate the shell of your home (outside walls and ceiling insulation).
I have head aches and the carbon monoxide goes off when I run the clothes dryer?
There is most likely nothing wrong with your carbon monoxide tester. It is fairly common to create back drafts through the water heater or older naturally aspirated furnace chimneys in the combustion zone. Typically the room where the furnace and water heater are located. A BPI qualified person can run a combustion safety test and evaluate your situation.
Recently installed a new heating and A/C system. The system is noisy and feels humid in my home?
Have a qualified service man check the airflow requirements of your home and match the air flow requirements of the A/C installed. Also need to check the super heat and sub cooling specified for your A/C system. Ask your service technician to use a digital gauge for accuracy. One more important fact is the A/C system should be checked with outside and inside temperatures specified by the manufacturer of your specific equipment.
I am planning for insulation upgrade, especially in the kitchen area where it is cold in the winter and hot in the summer, what do I need to consider?
Contact a BPI rated energy auditor to evaluate the attic insulation. The person will look for thermal bypasses which are very typical in older homes especially in the kitchen and sofit area. These areas typically open to the attic and are very cold or hot when it is looked at with an infra red camera. These areas need to be sealed from the outside environment in order to improve comfort and reduce losses in energy usage.
How much am I going to save by replacing the windows in my home?
It is very hard to put numbers on savings, but if your windows are old and leaky you could save a substantial amount of money. A blower door test should be done to evaluate and substantiate that the leakage in fact originates from the windows. The blower door test will provide you with specific numbers with respect to air changes per hour. If this number is high, air sealing measures like window and door seal replacement, air sealing for rim joists and other measures will result in relatively big improvements. If the home is already tight, additional air sealing should be avoided.
I have moisture on the windows in the winter time. What do I do?
There could be a multitude of reasons for this. It could be bad windows with excessive air leakage. Look at the seals and replace them if they look flattened out. It could be a defective glass panel in the window. It could be a ventilation issue that calls for improved ventilation. All of these issues can be evaluated at the time of an energy audit.
I am heating my home with LP gas and the heating cost are very high.
Consider improving the thermal envelope of your home (insulation, air sealing) and install an air source or geothermal heating plant. Specific recommendations with respect to high efficiency systems will be provided. Savings up to 70% can be achieved if the job is done correctly.
I had a geothermal system installed a few years ago and am experiencing high electric costs in the winter time.
Almost all geothermal systems consist of refrigerant systems and an electric resistance section. High utility costs could be caused by an incorrectly sized system. It can also be results of an inefficient installed or undersized loop field. Other causes could be loss of refrigerant or control issues. Some of these can be corrected at a relatively low cost.
I have a 100 year old farm house with hot water heat. I would like to reduce heating expenses and add air conditioning.
First, I suggest looking at ways to reduce the heating and cooling loads. Air sealing and insulating your home the best you can. Your home is most likely balloon framed and your insulation contractor will know how to handle situations like this. If you do not have a contractor we can help you locate one. Consider installing a high efficiency, 92-96% condensing boiler for heating. The air conditioning can be accomplished more than one way. You could consider a conventional system installed in the attic, a high velocity system, or a ductless mini split system will do a good job as well.
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