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Pink Team's Debbie Weiss (left) with Ali Vincent (right), Season 5 winner of NBC's Biggest Loser at the Peoria RiverPlex

February 28, 2012 Updated Nov 2, 2013 at 11:59 AM CDT

Peoria's Biggest Loser
Week 6
Debbie Weiss, Pink Team

Each and every week brings new surprises and challenges. I still have to slow down a little because of medical issues, but I still push as hard as I physically can. Sometimes I go over the limit, but I have to get past the issues to have a more successful final result. I have also now developed an ear infection, so it causes a little issue with balance too. I have decided that this will not stop me.

Our normal work outs were as difficult as usual. Our trainers do a great job and push us to our limits, plus a little more. They also make sure to alter some of the training as some of the members on our team have medical issues. They are working really hard to make sure we get the workout we need, without injuring us. Since we won a challenge a few weeks back, we were able to work out with Travis.

“Training with Travis” pushed us past our limits. He made sure we got a complete and total burn. It was a very tough workout, but I am so glad I went, to push through the training. All of the teammates that made the training got a great burn. The teammates that have medical issues were quite sore later that day and the next day too. The Pink team pushes as far as we possibly can, and even though we had a difficult time with this training, we still made it to Sunday’s “Challenge”.

Our “challenge” on Sunday was to meet with Ali Vincent. It was exciting to meet with her. She started with a motivational speech that pushes us forward. She explained to us what it was like on the “ranch” and how she keeps the weight off. She instructed us to keep moving as much as possible and plan ahead when traveling for meals. Use any opportunity to get a “workout”. She has even worked out in the airports as she travels with her jump rope. We had the opportunity to walk the track with her. Of course she added a little to the walks. After each lap we were to complete 20 jumping jacks, and then after the next lap, a one minute wall sit. We were to continue this routine until we finished one mile or 8 laps on the track. She then gave us an inspirational speech, signed autographs and let us take pictures with her (see above).

I think this gave most of us another push to try harder. This gave us the opportunity to see that it can happen to you. A healthier and thinner you is in the future as long as you work for it, although that will come with its ups and downs.

My discouraging moment was on the scale again. Since I have had to decrease the impact of my exercising I had yet another weight gain. It gets quite frustrating, but I guess I did not properly adjust the calorie intake for the decrease in the intensity of exercise. I am now working on the balancing game again and will find the correct formula. I know this is causing me to be a stronger, more determined individual and will succeed.

Each and every day I am getting closer to my goals. I may not have the huge weight loss as some may have, but I know that I am in much better shape and healthier than I have been in a long time. I am gaining more muscle and strength. I will continue to strive forward and looking forward to another exciting and challenging week.

Pink Team Rocks!

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