Johnny's Crispy Italian Lemon Chicken

By WEEK Reporter

Johnny's Crispy Italian Lemon Chicken


Johnny's Italian Steakhouse


Chicken Breast, 3 wz, lightly pounded  2 ea

Seasoned Flour, problend,  to bread

Egg Wash

Olive Oil  2 Tbsp

Angel Hair Pasta:

Angel Hair portion  1/2 ea

Butter Blend  1/2 ea

Garlic, chopped  1 Tbsp

Parsley, chopped  2 tsp

Parmesan cheese, grated  1 Tbsp

Creamy Lemon Sauce:  

White wine  2 fz

Heavy Cream  4 fz

Lemon juice, fresh squeezed  1/2 ea

Parsley, chopped  1 tsp

Lemon zest  1 tsp

Butter  1 Tbsp

Arugala Roma Salad: 

Lemon Citronette  1 fz

Arugula  1 wz

Roma Tomato Slices, fresh   3 ea


1. Bread chicken breasts and crisp in olive oil.

2. Combine ingerdients for sauce and reduce till lightly thickened.

3. Prepare pasta to order.

4. Present chicken over angel hair topped with sauce.

5. Present arugula and tomatoes drizzled with lemon citronette as shown.