Johnny's Steak & Shrimp Diane

By WEEK Reporter

Johnny's Steak & Shrimp Diane


1 each:   Top Sirloin, 9 wz or sub 6 wz Filet

1 each:   Portobello Cap, gills removed, grilled

3 each:   Shrimp, 21/25 skewered

1wz:        Spinach, picked

1 tsp:      Garlic, chopped, fresh

2 tsp:      Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper to season Spinach

2fz:         Cabernet Demi Glaze

Side Choice


Season and grill steak using standard procedures.

Season and rub mushroom cap with olive oil, grill.

Saute spinach with chopped garlic in olive oil till just wilted.

Place spinach in mushroom cap on plate.

Top with steak and cover with Cabernet demi glaze.

Grill shrimp skewer and stab into top of steak

Present 6 oz Filet on Small Steak Plate

Present 9 oz Top on Large Steak Plate