November 15: Johnny's Italian Steakhouse Chanel #5

By WEEK Producer


Johnny's Italian Steakhouse


1T Butter
4 Pieces of Shrimp
2oz Lobster Meat
6 Artichoke Heart Quarters
1oz Sun Dried Tomatoes cut into strips
1oz Proscuitto, julienne
1T Chopped Garlic
1/8tsp Lobster Base
6oz Garlic Cream Sauce
6 Cheese Ravioli


1.  Heat pan and add butter,shrimp, and lobster meat until halfway cooked.
2.  Next add all but cream, base and ravioli.
3.  When all food is heated slightly and tossed together, add remaining ingredients.
4.  Serve over ravioli whencrean us thick and steady.