December 20: Johnny's Italian Steakhouse Seafood Pasta Pomodoro

By Jim Garrott


Johnny's Italian Steakhouse



3 Shrimp
2 oz Tilapia Pieces
2 oz Scallops
2 Mussels
1 oz Portabella Mushrooms
3 oz White Wine
2 oz Chicken Stock
1 oz Deburgo Pesto
1 oz Sun-dried Tomato Pesto
1 oz Sl. Green Onion
1 oz Sl. Fresh Basil
6 oz Linguine Pasta
½ c Diced Tomatoes
1 oz Spinach





1.     Heat 2 oz olive oil in skillet to medium heat.
2.     Place in seafood and begin to cook.  Add mushrooms.
3.     When mushrooms are softened, add wine, stock, pestos, onion, and basil.
4.     When sauce comes to a boil add pasta, tomatoes, and spinach.
5.     Toss together and serve.