January 31: Johnny's Italian Steakhouse Steak Chanel

By Jim Garrott


WEEK Producer


1 oz Olive Oil

10 oz Top Sirloin

1 T Butter

2 shrimp

1 oz Lobster meat

3 artichoke quarters

1/2 oz Prosciutto

1/2oz sun dried tomato

pinch of lobster base

4 oz garlic cream sauce

1/2 spinach


1. Heat first skillet to medium high heat and add olive oil. Place steak in skillet. Flipping steak when browned. Bring to desired temp.

2. Add butter to the second skillet, and bring to a medium heat. Add seafood, but just cook partially. They will continue to cook throughout the process.

3. Add ham, tomatoes and artichokes and warm them slightly.

4. Finally add cream and lobster base and reduce until thickened. Toss with spinach and serve steak.