July 10th: Johnny's Italian Steakhouse Lobster Frangelico Salad

By WEEK Producer


4 oz Lobster, slipper (out of tail), cooked

4 oz Spring Mix

2 1/2 Shrimp, cooked, tails off

4 each Bruschetta tomatoes

2 oz Peach Frangelico Vinaigretta

2 oz Dried Peaches, julienne

2 oz Hazlenuts, toasted, chop rough

1 oz Asiago, shredded




1. First, heat a skillet over medium heat with 1 tablespoon butter, begin cooking lobster

2. Next take the greens and place in a bowl, drizzle over dressing and lightly toss together

3. Top salad with peaches , tomatoes, nuts and shrimp

4. Add lobster and sprinkle cheese on top to finish