Johnny's Shitake Mushroom Steak Diane

By WEEK Producer


Johnny's Italian Steakhouse


4 ounces, 2 ea. Beef Tenderlion Medallions

6 ounces Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

3 pieces Grilled Asparagus

3 fluid ounces Shitake Mushroom Sauce

Shitake Sauce Ingredients:

1 tsp Garlic, chopped

1 Tbsp Red Onion, sm dice

1 ounce Shitake Mushrooms

1 Tbsp Dijon Mustard

1 wedge Lemon Juice

1 fluid ounces Brandy

3 dash Worcestershire sauce

4 fluid ounce cream reduction





Clean shitake mushrooms well before using - trim steams and tear larger caps into smaller pieces if neccessary. 

Sear medallions as per Deurgo. Remove

Saute onions, garlic and mushrooms - be careful not to burn garlic.

Deglaze with brandy and lemon.

Add cream and worcestershire sauce