Johnny's Crab Stuffed Orange Roughy

By WEEK Producer


Johnny's Italian Steakhouse


Orange Roughy Fillet, 6-8 oz, stuffed  1 ea     $5.14

Shrimp, 21/25, tail off                              3 ea     $0.87

Wild Rice Pilaf                                          4 wz

Grilled Asparagus Spears                     3 ea      $0.40

Sampi Sauce                                            3 fz        $0.27


Vehicle:  Small Steak Plate

Garnish:  Chopped Parsley

Scampi Sauce:

Shrimp, 21/25, tail off                             3 ea

Seasoned Flour                                       some

Olive Oil                                                     1 Tbsp

White Wine                                                1.5 fz

Chicken Stock                                           1.5 fz

Lemon Juice                                             2 wedge

Butter Blend                                               1 scoop

Tomatoes, diced                                       1 wz

Salt & Pepper                                             to tasete



Dredge shrimp in seasoned flour. Salute in olive oil. Ass wine, stock and lemon juice and reduce. Finish with butter, salt and pepper. Toss tomatoes in last before serving.

Roughy Procedure:  Cut a pocket in thick side of fillet most of the length of the fillet. Stuff pocket with 3 wz of crab stuffing letting some spill out onto belly meat. Lightly season fillet with Old Bay spice and 2 turns of black pepper from a mill. Sprinkle fish with 3 Tbsp of breading mix. Bake in oven to order.

NOTE:  Spray pie tin liberally with pan spray to avoid fish sticking!