Johnny's Big Island Ribeye

By WEEK Producer

Johnny's Big Island Ribeye


Johnny's Italian Steakhouse


11 oz. ribeye steak, marinated in Hawaiian flavors, salt and pepper

1.5 wz portabella mushrooms

1 Tbsp chile puree (2 cups cilantro/stemmed, 1/3 cup seeded jalepenos, 3/4 cup lime juice)

1 Tbsp pineapple reduction (1 can pineapple juice concentrate, 1/4 cup teriyaki glaze, 1/4 cup coffee liquor)

fresh asparagus

Hawaiian Marinade:  6 qts. Pineapple Juice

                                       1 qt. Teriyaki Glaze

                                       1 qt. Coffee Liquor

                                       1 cup freshly chopped Garlic

                                        1 lb. Brown Sugar

                                        3 Tbsp Kosher Salt

                                        1 Tbsp.  White Pepper



Marinate steak in Hawaiian marinade for 24 hours in advance...grill over medium heat. Saute mushrooms in butter, then stir in chile puree. Top steak with pineapple reduction and pour musrooms and chile puree on the side.