Johnny's chef prepares Kayla's Balsamic Stuffed Steak

By WEEK Reporter

December 16, 2010 Updated Dec 16, 2010 at 9:29 PM CDT

If you really want to indulge and forget about calories, then the chef from Johnny's Italian Steakhouse has a recipe for you to try.

It's Kayla's Balsamic Stuffed Steak.

9 oz top sirloin
2 oz sliced mushrooms
2 oz spinach
2 oz blue cheese
6 spears of asparagus

2 oz balsamic reduction
2 oz demi glaze
1 oz red onion
1 oz green onion

In a saute pan cook down 2 oz of mushrooms and 2 oz spinach with 1 oz of olive oil and salt and pepper. Once done, let cool and then add blue cheese crumbs and stuff oz top sirloin with mixture of mushrooms and spinach. Grill to your preference of ideal temperature. While steak is cooking, in a saute pan eat 1 oz of oil ans sweat 1 oz of red ionions until transparent. Once ions are done, add 1 oz of green onions, 2 oz of balsamic reduction and 2 oz. of demi glaze. Pull off of heat and let rest until usage. Once steak isdone, fan out six pieces of asparagus and place the steak in the middle of plate. Pour sauce over the top and serve.