Local Food Bank Provides For Over 100 Food Pantries

You Gotta Eat - The Midwest Food Bank

By Tom McIntyre

July 8, 2013 Updated Jul 8, 2013 at 10:43 AM CDT

On You Gotta Eat, something --and someplace--a little different.
I've been reminded that not everybody gets to eat out and get reimbursed by their employer, but they, like all of us, gotta eat.

The Midwest Food Bank in Peoria is perhaps the best, best-kept secret in the area.

From this warehouse volunteers send out a half-million pounds of food to food pantries. Every month. All for free. In three days

In those three days this warehouse is home to hundreds of volunteers, packing trucks and trailers with donated food..

Larry Herman, the Midwest Food Bank Director says; " They cover all scopes of the arena of people who want to help. "

As an example, there's a volunteer who is a heart Surgeon.

The Midwest food bank started nine years ago, with a single family. Now, this faith-based organization has offices in Peoria, Bloomington, Indianapolis and Atlanta Georgia.

Bloomington serves the eastern half of Illinois. Peoria serves the western half of the state.

"And that would include 190 agencies in the Western half of the state"., Herman says.

Their semi-trucks -operated by volunteers--roll through the Midwest, picking up donated items from wholesalers.

And now, The Midwest Food Bank has taken the step of creating its own food. These are meal-sized packets of re-fried beans,

"Rice, pinto beans, a chicken season, flavoring for vitamin enrichment...and we're taking products which are much more wholesome for the public to consume, to give them a good option they can reach into." said Larry Herman.

A family of four can be fed for fifty cents. If you ever think nobody cares anymore, visit this place.

"And it's a story on the goodness that people want to extol. What they do today will be on somebody's table tomorrow."

Because everybody's gotta eat.