August 27, 2009

B's Leftovers

By Eric Shangraw

July 15, 2010 Updated Nov 5, 2009 at 11:28 AM CDT

B's was a suggestion from newsroom colleague Emily West. Emily eats like a bird. I was surprised to learn she can eat one of those tenderloins. B's does not have drive-up curb-side service. But it seems to be a fun place to visit on any night of the week. Reminded my of the old A& W Root beer stands from the 1970's that were all over Central Illinois.

The owners, Cody and Sarah Kellogg bought the business in July of 2008 and were married eleven months ago. All they need now is a kid and their plate will officially be full. Cody recently graduated with an engineering degree from Bradley University. Now he's making french fries. I give him credit for living the American Dream and following his wife's wishes to own their own business.