You Gotta Eat: Famous City Bistro progress

By WEEK Producer

August 19, 2011 Updated Aug 19, 2011 at 12:39 PM CDT

The Famous City Bistro is located at Sheridan and Glen in Peoria....offering both dine-in and drive-up service.

We opted for the dine-in, since it's tough to do one of these stories inside the news van.

Famous City Bistro's owner --Ken Humphrey is the owner and creator of the concept for the restaurant. Humphrey says the resturant offers a variety of sandwiches and entrees from across the nation. There are even Po Boy New Orleans sandwiches and Broasted asked John Harlan and his wife Sidney what they were having...

"You're having two of something. What is that?
"Chicago dogs, Chicago dogs, pretty good ones."
"They're large"
"Yeah, you get mustard on your nose"

Customer, Sidney Harlan was enjoying "The beef brisket. Very juicey, very good".

Despite those recommendations, I ordered daily special of Broasted Chicken --because it's made in a pressure cooker, and is supposed to be very tender.

Photographer Larry ordered the pork tenderloin....because it was large.

The Broasted Chicken was delivered hot and steamy with skinny french fries... For $6.99 you get two pieces. I got four --because I was hungry. The chicken was very juicy and very good..recommended.

Larry loaded up his tenderloin with condiments and pronounced it good, The tenderloin came with beans which had some bite to them, which Larry liked.

We topped off our lunch with a chocolate Sundae for me, and a root beer float for Larry.

Amazingly, after paying our bill of $26.39 for lunch and soft drinks, we were able to waddle to our car.

Famous City Bistro is at the corner of Sheridan and Glen in Peoria, open
10:30am to 10pm Mon- Thursday, Friday and weekends, 10:30am to midnight.