August 19, 2010

Embassy Suites Leftovers

By Eric Shangraw

August 19, 2010 Updated Aug 19, 2010 at 9:12 PM CDT

This is one of the most unique outdoor experiences You Gotta Eat has had in a while.

I was in awe when first laying eyes on the lovely view offered out the back door of this first class hotel in East Peoria.

They've taken the time to buy some simple but effective Tiki torches to add to the backyard feel. Warm and cozy. The Illinois Rive boarding the property makes it a prime piece of real estate. This is the type of development which helps make the Peoria-area a nicer place to live.

The price for our meal was more expensive than most establishments we feature. The old adage holds true; you get what you pay for. And I think the Riverside Cafe will be worth digging a little deeper into your wallet.