January 6, 2011

Double A's Leftovers

By Eric Shangraw

January 6, 2011 Updated Jan 6, 2011 at 11:16 PM CDT

Happy New Year! Celebrated first YGE of the New Year with trip to this pizza joint. One of the photographers at the station, Larry Faulk, loves this place. He's been for carry out and suggested I give it a try. Larry did the last YGE before Christmas break, so Doug got the call.

Doug is working out to drop some weight, and is trying to reduce his intake. Difficult at an all-you-can-eat lunch place. Many buffets look and taste like the buffet sits for a while before anyone shows up. Not the case here. The pizza was coming out of the oven and being grabbed as it was served. Give it a try. Ten bucks with a drink at lunch. I would suggest leaving time for a nap afterward.