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  • Get Fit Friday: Preventing back injuries

    Physical therapists say too much weight can lead to back injuries. Sandy Gallant has more in this week's Get Fit Friday.

  • Get Fit Friday: 8/15/14

    Lifting a tractor tire is tough. But did you know it's a great workout for your body's largest muscles?

  • Get Fit Friday: 8/1/2014

    Disease Control says making sure your children stay up to date with vaccinations is the best way to protect communities and schools from outbreaks.

  • Get Fit Friday: 7/25/14

    Athletic trainers say swimming is a low-impact exercise offering many health benefits.

  • Get Fit Friday: 7/18/14

    A popular exercise promises to put some pep in your step.

  • Get Fit Friday: 7/4/14

    If you are planning a cookout today to celebrate the holiday, we've got the 411 on grilling safety and a healthy dessert too.

  • Get Fit Friday: 6/20/14

    A group of special seasonal classes are in full swing at the clubs at River City. News 25's Sandy Gallant dives deep for a fun water aerobics class in this week's Get Fit Friday.

  • Get Fit Friday: 6/6/14

    Now that the warmer weather is finally here, more people are venturing outdoors for some fun in the sun.

  • Get Fit Friday: 5/23/14

    If you are looking to improve your speed or fine tune your running gait, your best coach may end up being a camera.

  • Get Fit Friday: 5/16/14

    If you're motivated to reclaim your fitness, heading back to the gym can be overwhelming with the wide selection of cardio equipment.

  • Get Fit Friday: 5/2/14

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every year more than a half million people in the U.S. are treated in the emergency room and more than 700 people die as a result of bicycle related injuries.

  • Get Fit Friday: 4/25/14

    Now that baseball season is in full swing, more athletes are making the effort to play their best on the diamond.

  • Get Fit Friday: 4/18/14

    What will your kids be doing over their summer break?

  • Get Fit Friday: 4/4/14

    If you have the desire to change your life and become more fit, but have a difficult time fitting the gym into your schedule, local fitness experts say you can still get in a workout at the office.

  • Get Fit Friday: 3/28/14

    Whether you are a beginning runner or an experienced marathoner, you can benefit from cross-training.

  • Get Fit Friday: 3/21/2014

    PEORIA, Ill. -- The Clubs at River City is rolling out a new group of classes that incorporates strength training using the popular TRX program with other popular fitness activities.

  • Get Fit Friday: 3/7/2014

    PEORIA, Ill. -- If you take a look at how portion sizes have changed in this country over the years, it's no surprise why America's waist line is super sized.

  • Get Fit Friday: 2/21/14

    The icy, wintry conditions on the roads can be a real challenge for long-distance runners training for the next big race.

  • Get Fit Friday: 2/7/14

    Each February, OSF Saint Francis Medical Center shines a spotlight on the number one killer in this country, heart disease.

  • Get Fit Friday: 1/31/14

    One of the hot fitness phrases hitting the mainstream these days is 'core strength.'

  • Get Fit Friday: 1/24/14

    If you want to lose weight and watch the affects of your exercise plan, fitness specialists say it's important to know your true body composition.

  • Get Fit Friday: 1/17/14

    When it comes to vegetables, food experts say fresh is best. But finding quality fresh produce in the dead of winter can sometimes be problematic.

  • Get Fit Friday: 1/10/14

    Even though it's winter, it doesn't mean we can't do some summertime workouts.

  • Get Fit Friday: 1/3/14

    Chances are you've heard the advice to consult your doctor before starting any new fitness plan, but have you considered visiting a physical therapist too?

  • Get Fit Friday: 12/20/13

    It seems these days that eating your greens is pretty hip.