Nurses Week



Every day, nurses step forward embracing new technologies, resolving emerging issues, and accepting ever-changing roles in their profession. They lead the way for their patients, colleagues, organizations, and the health care industry as a whole and we are going to SALUTE them for this.

Heart Hospital Nurses
Front row from the left: Deena Raithel, David Frazier, Angie Beebe
Back from the left: Andrew Brown, Karen Reaktenwalt


Children's Hospital Nurses
Angela Farnan, Stephanie Ober, Keith Tarrant, Bridget Daly, Haley Nelson, Janna Hoppe


Emergency Department Nurses
Back row (females) from left to right: Kayla, Michelle, Andrea
Front row (males) from left to right: Tyson, Peter, Derek


Illinois Neurological Institute Nurses
Cassandra Hankins, Angie Shank, Nate Bryant, Kate Barth, Anna Martin, Briana Delaware

Outpatient Nurses
First row: Michelle Rolando, Sean Smith, Beth O’Brien
Second Row: Vicky Sauter, Diane Hemp, Elizabeth Menold, Teresa Myers, Denise Winston

Surgery Nurses

Back row, from left: Lindsey Oliver, Tricia Lemaire, Dana Lander, Chris Esken
Front row, from left: Barb Couri, Jarrod Grimm, Laura King