Chairs make all the difference for special needs children

By Mark Bullion

September 5, 2012 Updated Sep 5, 2012 at 7:33 PM CDT

PEORIA, Ill -- Sitting still and learning can sometimes be a challenge for children with special needs. Now, one local teacher will get some much needed money to help offset that challenge.

For children with special needs, most people wouldn't think something as simple as a chair could make all the difference in a classroom.

"So that they are in a good position to optimize their attention and learning," said Jamieson School Special Education Teacher Christine Gottman.

It does according to Gottman and now she has the money to put toward purchasing some.

Gottman says the chairs are specifically designed with a seat belt and are higher up making for a more conducive learning environment.

"If they're all aligned and sitting right, there not focusing on where their body is at, they are focusing on what I am saying," added Gottman.

"She's always got her students in mind, she's always trying to improve her classroom, improve learning for the students, and she's a very dedicated teacher," said Principal James Jemilo.

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