El Paso Teacher Wins One Class At A Time

By WEEK Producer
By Denise Jackson

January 26, 2011 Updated Feb 7, 2011 at 3:33 PM CDT

At a time when school budgets are increasingly shrinking not a lot of money is available for classroom equipment and supplies.

While some teachers will dip into their own personal budgets for others that may not be possible.

One teacher at a school in El Paso is this week's one class at a time winner.

Becky Roberts is this week's one class at a time winner.

She teaches a handful of kindergarteners at Prairie Christian School in El Paso.

Roberts says her old chalkboard is worn out.

"They are pitted. Everytime I write I think oh I wonder if chalk paint will cover this. I've been teaching her five years and it's probably been in the building 20 years," she said.

Even though it's a small private Christian school and resources are limited.

Roberts plans to use the one-thousand dollar check to replace the old chalk board with a new one.

"It means a lot because this would take a lot of donations to equal this," Roberts said.

She shared the good news with all 39 students and staff

"She's a really good teacher. She's really nice," said fourth grader Alayna Wettstein.

"She lets us have time on our work," said student Joseph Hodel.

The students were grateful and excited about the and have a message for CEFCU AND HOI.