Limestone Teaches Receives Our Latest Grant

By WEEK Reporter

December 8, 2010 Updated Dec 9, 2010 at 2:18 PM CDT

Thomas Bell is this month's One Class at a Time Winner. HOI 19's Gina Ford went to Limestone High School to deliver the check.

"Mr. Bell? Hi, you are our recipient of our HOI 19 News Cefcu One class at a time grant," Gina Ford said.

"I bought my bow tie and everything for it. Wow this is great," Bell responded.

Although this week's one class at a time check is awarded to Thomas Bell, the History teacher says the money's not for him.

Bell wrote in on behalf of the Limestone High School Broadcasting Adviser, Zack Binder and the school's TV station program.

"He does a great job with Rocket 1 and Rocket 2 and he's got his hands full with doing plays musicals and everything else like that, so I thought it's be a great boost for him and the program to use this money," Bell said.

"This is a huge surprise, first off, I ought to thank you, We have a Rocket 1 program at the school and we use it to benefit the students, so that they learn how to work with multimedia. They learn how to work in a real work setting," said Binder.

And students who participate in the newscasts and web projects say the money will go to good use.

"It's really awesome that we have that money to work with. So we'll probably just updating different editing equipment that we have so it can be top of the line," Rocket 1 member Dane Georges said.

Binder replied, "We're constantly wanting to upgrade the way that we edit our news stories in the mornings. We could use money for new microphones, there's just so many ways we can spend the money."

Mr. Binder and his students were all very grateful to receive the grant.