OCAAT Look back: Having a Ball

By WEEK Producer

August 8, 2012 Updated Aug 8, 2012 at 7:33 PM CDT

A Trewyn gym teacher is getting ready to start his second year at the school, but this time, he has some new equipment for his curriculum.

This week we are revisiting Mr. Brad Bouris in our One Class at a Time look back.

Mr. Bouris bought a volleyball net and an omnikin ball.

This allows his younger students to play an easier version of volleyball before moving on to the real thing.

Mr. Bouris also got a new dodgeball set with 25 dodgeballs.

"Actually, the dodgeballs aren't just for dodgeball, they're used for many things like catching and throwing. The balls are softer and kinda comforting for them to use. And then for the older kids, we do play dodgeball and fitness kickball. So we get many uses out of the dodgeballs," said Mr. Bouris.

Mr. Bouris teaches kindergarten thru eighth grade students.

He will have about 500 kids using all this new equipment this school year.