Olympia North Teacher a One Class at a Time Winner

By WEEK Producer

February 4, 2011 Updated Feb 7, 2011 at 4:51 PM CDT

Some teachers are in need of basic school supplies--like books and computer software.

Tara Snowden, an Olympia North Elementary teacher, is this weeks One Class at a time.

Snowden was a first year teacher a year ago when she wrote a letter saying she could use more money for student school supplies. Now in her second year in front of second graders, Snowden and her class were genuinely surprised when we walked in the door with a check for a thousand dollars.

"Congratulations. We have a thousand dollars from CEFCU and HOI 19 News fro you to use on your class. What are you going to use the money for? For them. Books."

Snowden says even on the darkest days, being with children brings a smile to her face. Her students say they like coming to school because she makes it interactive and interesting.

"I love all the subjects and it is just a really fun class.

"This year I implemented a new spelling program where the kids manipulate words and play with a lot of different manipulations. So (I plan to use the money on) spelling game. Different computer programs. And other stuff they can use in the classroom with their hands spelling words," said Snowden.

"Thank you CEFCU and HOI 19 News!"