One Class At A Time-Danvers

By WEEK Producer

May 18, 2011 Updated May 18, 2011 at 9:22 PM CDT

As the weather gets warmer, what better way to enjoy the sunshine than to spend some time outdoors.

One school is doing just that, as they finish building their special garden, and now they are getting some help with this week's One Class at a Time.

Mrs. Tribble isn't usually this speechless, when she teaches her kindergarten class at Olympia North Elementary.

Her students are learning about nature.

Now, the lessons on the drawing board will come to life.

Kindergarten teacher Pat Tribble says, "A lot of children now do spend quite a bit of time inside, so we wanted to promote the beauty of the natural world around them."

By June, the school hopes to complete their very own outdoor garden.

Josh Boots and his family helped get the project started.

Among the plants Josh says there is, "Butterfly bushes, sunflowers, basil. We're going to go up there again and plant some more stuff."

Some of the plants will attract insects the students can study first-hand.

Josh and his classmates have already learned about butterflies.

But the garden will be a place for everyone to use.

Tribble says, "We envision a solid surface in the courtyard area for picnic benches and tables for families in the community to enjoy as well."

One thing Mrs. Tribble isn't afraid to tell her students is when it's time to go outside.