One Class At A Time May 4th-Peoria Heights

By WEEK Producer

One Class At A Time May 4th-Peoria Heights

May 4, 2011 Updated May 4, 2011 at 9:24 PM CDT

As the school year winds down and kids get antsy for summer break, its more important than ever for students to burn off some energy and stress.

One Peoria Heights teacher has a program in place to do just that and now she can do much more the the help of One Class At A Time.

On a rare sunny and dry morning in Peoria Heights, second graders and high schoolers take to the track to exercise.

Before the school day begins, a group of fifth through eighth graders take part in a walking program.

Now thanks to the co-sponsor of this group and our grant, the kids will get an optimal workout.

Miss black plans to buy pedometers to better measure the kid's walking distance and heart rate monitors to check their cardio.

Eventually the kids will also learn the math, science and health involved in exercising.

Miss Black says, "It helps out to getting them a step in the right direction before their school day and a lot of parents who work its nice for them to drop their kids off early."

The early morning walkers like the social time, and benefit both mentally and physically Black adds, "it reduces their mental stress, but it also keeps them in shape."

Soon the kids can set exercise goals and maybe even win prizes.