One Class at a Time: Reading program needs a boost

By Audrey Wise

One Class at a Time: Reading program needs a boost

April 9, 2014 Updated Apr 9, 2014 at 5:49 PM CDT

EL PASO, Ill -- First Grade is a key year for students to grow their reading skills. At one school they have a program to help with that, but it needs a little help of its own.

Jenny Haas loves that her first graders are excited about learning. They come in with the basic reading skills from kindergarten, but they really develop as readers throughout their first grade year.

"They go from beginning reading levels and they develop into chapter book reading by the end of first grade, which is an amazing thing," said Haas.

Throughout the district they have a reading counts program. After students read a book they can take a quiz on the computer to test their comprehension.

One parent thought a One Class at A Time Grant would be perfect after their son missed out because they only have the teacher's laptop to take the tests on.

"We asked Mason how he did on his reading counts test and he said he didn't get to take it. We had asked Miss Haas and she explained that a lot of kids take that test on Friday, so that's what gave us the general idea to go ahead and nominate her for this with the possibility that the money could go towards maybe another computer for the reading counts," said Mark Vandegraft.

Haas said it's important to have lots of options for the kids. She hopes the money can also go towards buying more books and quizzes.

She said, "My students in first grade really enjoy the non-fiction books and those are a little harder to find at their level at this age and so this will really help finding those non-fiction books."