One Class at a time: Helping announcements become a production

By Audrey Wise

May 7, 2014 Updated May 7, 2014 at 10:53 PM CDT

PEORIA, Ill -- The morning announcements at Franklin Primary are anything but boring. The students literally make it a production. Now, they need the help of a One Class at a Time grant.

"It's very exciting for me because lots of people see me and I just felt very proud," said 4th grade broadcaster Emily Mendez.

A few years ago when Franklin was an Edison school they got broadcasting technology. Edison Learning is an outside management firm that ran several District 150 schools hoping to improve them. Now that Edison is out of Franklin, the equipment is there, but aging. That's where the One Class at a Time Grant can help.

"We want to have a green screen so we can do some really fun backgrounds, the software that goes with the green screen. All of our technology has been here since before I've been here, so it's really becoming outdated, definitely a second camera so they don't have to turn the camera on air, my list is just going, going going," said broadcast teacher Marcia Lough.

The experience may even inspire them to join our profession one day.

(do you want to go into broadcast one day?) Yes. (What do you want to do?) I want to control the sound effects," said 4th grader Analid Alcaide.

Or maybe not...

(Do you think that one day you would like to be a news anchor?) "Umm, no," said 5th grade broadcaster Rakayla Johnson.

Either way, the experience can be valuable said Lough, "Even though they don't want to, per say, be a news anchor, but they're still excited about creating the scripts and the movies and so they're really implementing that technology that is going to advance them farther along down the road."