Roanoke Teacher to Improve Special Ed Class

By Anna Yee

December 14, 2011 Updated Dec 14, 2011 at 7:39 PM CDT

It was a sweet surprise for one teacher at Sowers Elementary in Roanoke.

Darlene Senica is the primary Special Education teacher.

She says she'll use the One Class at a Time $1,000 grant to keep her life skills class moving ahead.

"A lot of these children have a lot of sensory needs, so we've really been trying to build up our sensory program," said Senica, "and actually this might come in very nice for a larger piece of equipment."

Equipment like mats and tangible objects, which are essential for her students.

"Their bodies sometimes just react to things differently, so it kind of revs up their systems so they're ready to do another classroom activity," said Senica. "They're ready to sit a little longer."

A handful of students come from all over Woodford County to learn from Mrs. Senica.

She has been teaching this class for a dozen years.

Now, she can buy the tools the district couldn't provide.

"A thousand dollars can go a long ways," said Rohn Peterson, Sours Elementary Principal and Superintendent of the Roanoke-Benson School Dist.

"She's able to buy some things that we as a school just can't afford to give because of limited budgeting. This just gives her an opportunity to just buy something for the kids that I know she'll love to use, and the kids will be better for it."

Mrs. Senica says her class will have countless more ways to grow.. Thanks to the grant, and...

"Oh, like with anything," said Senica, "just a love for what you do."