Technology Takes over One Class at a Time

By Anna Yee

March 9, 2011 Updated Mar 9, 2011 at 10:35 PM CDT

"Mrs. McKee? Hi! You're the winner of the $1,000 grant from HOI-19 News and CEFCU! Congratulations. How do you feel?"


At Lincoln Elementary School, there's a big difference between kindergarten and first grade...

"In first grade, reading is a big thing," said Samantha McKee, 1st Grade Teacher at Lincoln Elementary School in Morton. "Students learn how to read."

But Mrs. McKee has invested in some pretty modern reading aids.

The 1st grade students have been using video cameras to help them learn to read.

"We had to tape each other read. (And then what?) Umm, we watch ourselves and see what we needed to work on." said Mya, Mrs. McKee's 1st grade student.

Like Mya, her classmates work on reading more smoothly and pausing when they need to.

They can also take the cameras home, since each student is required to read one book every night.

"Well, it was very helpful for me," said Jack, Mrs. McKee's 1st grade student, "And my parents thought it was really cool, 'cause we could watch and do our reading."

Don't be fooled by their age... Mrs. McKee taught all 26 of her students how to use the technology.

"It's very easy," said Jack. "Well, you just have to push this red button, and it starts recording."

With the $1,000 grant, Mrs. McKee says she can buy four more flip cams, giving her students a chance to take one home every week.

"They grow so much with their reading," said Mrs. McKee. "They may start at the beginning of the year only being able to read a few words and at the end, they're able to read chapter books."

"I like reading a lot, because you get to see what the stories are like and what they end like," said Mya.

...Stories the students can look back on and smile knowing how much they've grown in a year.