Washington Elementary Students Grow Veggies for School's Cafeteria With Help of Grant

By WEEK Producer

September 21, 2011 Updated Sep 21, 2011 at 10:27 PM CDT

Kelly Mathy teaches 4th grade at Washington Elementary School in Bloomington.

And for her students, she does a lot more.

She's a Student Council Mentor, PTO teacher representative, head of the donations committee and began the Wolf Park Garden on the school grounds.

Mathy and her students, grow their own produce that is served in Washington Elementary's cafeteria.

The Wolf Park Garden produces peppers, tomatoes, peas and even watermelon.

"This year was kind of a test run, see which things would grow, what things wouldn't. Currently the produce that we've gotten has kind of enhanced what we already have," says Mathy.

So what will Mathy do with the $1,000 dollars from HOI-10 and CEFCU?

"Get some cold frames built so we can grow things and get things started for the spring Hopefully get a fence out up and maybe a shed, some new tools, lots of fun stuff," says Mathy.

With all the extra-curricular involvement in addition to full-time teaching, one could say education is Mrs. Mathy's life.

"It is. I really love it. This my 12th year teaching so I'm really blessed to be in a really good school, work with great people and have super students," says Mathy.