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Friday, October 31

Tom Dempsey set an NFL record with a 63-yard field goal in 1970.  This was in astonishing kick in itself.  What else made this such an achievement?

Answer: ?

Thursday, October 30

What was the first NFL team to have ornamentation on its helmets?

Answer: Rams

Wednesday, October 29

In what city was the first NFL indoor game?

Answer: Chicago (1932: during a rough winter)

Tuesday, October 28

There were two separate balls used in the NFL during the 1950s.  One was the familiar brown ball with two white stripes.  What was the other?

Answer: A white ball with 2 dark stripes

Monday, October 27

What was the jaw-dropping final score of the Bears vs. Redskins game in 1940?

Answer: 73-0

Friday, October 24

Which NFL team has hypocycloids as its symbol?

Answer: Pittsburgh Steelers

Thursday, October 23

What NFL team is America's only community owned NFL franchise?

Answer: Green Bay Packers