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Friday, July 29

What has rivers but no water, forests but no trees, and cities but no people?

Answer: ?

Thursday, July 28

What goes all around town but never comes inside?

Answer: The street

Wednesday, July 27

What loses its head every morning; but gets it back every night?

Answer: A pillow

Tuesday, July 26

I hang or stand by a wall, run fast with hands but no feet at all.  What am I?

Answer: A clock

Monday, July 25

I have four wings, but cannot fly,

I never laugh and never cry;

On the same spot I'm always found,

Toiling away with little sound.

What am I?

Answer: Windmill

Friday, July 22

The Mariana Trench is the deepest point on earth. In which sea or ocean would you find it?

Answer: Pacific Ocean

Thursday, July 21

What is the only 'living' organism that can be viewed from space?

Answer: The Great Barrier Reef

Wednesday, July 20

The tides are said to be 'heartbeat of our oceans.' The average tide variation measures around 4 feet. Which natural wonder records an astonishing tide variation of 53 feet?

Answer: Bay of Fundy - Nova Scotia

Tuesday, July 19

Which remarkable mineral abundant sea is so dense and salty it can't sustain any life form other than microscopic bacteria, fungi and algae?  It lies further beneath sea level than any body of water on earth.

Answer: Dead Sea

Monday, July 18

Rainbows are a natural phenomenon. Where is the sun always positioned when you're looking at a rainbow?

Answer: Behind you

Friday, July 15

Pink Sand Beach in The Bahamas derives its color from which of the following?

Answer: Pulverized Coral Shells

Thursday, July 14


Located on the east coast of Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand is the unusual Hot Water Beach, which derives its name for which of the following reasons?


Answer: Underground hot water springs

Wednesday, July 13

Sandcut Beach on Vancouver Island, British Columbia has which of these unusual features?

Answer: A waterfall

Tuesday, July 12

Hyams Beach in New South Wales, Australia is listed in the "Guinness Book of Records" for which of the following reasons?

Answer: Whitest sand beach in the world

Monday, July 11

Maho Beach, on the Caribbean island of Saint Maarten, is a popular beach where tourists come to watch what unusual happening?

Answer: Airplanes landing

Friday, July 8

The dish Chop-Suey does not come from China.  It was created by Chinese immigrants in _____________?

Answer: California 

Thursday, July 7

What was the first breakfast cereal ever produced?

Answer: Shredded Wheat

Wednesday, July 6

McDonald's coats its fries in what to brown them?

Answer: Sugar

Tuesday, July 5

What do the 3 white dots on the Domino's pizza logo represent?

Answer: The first 3 stores

Monday, July 4

What is the most popular spice in the world?

Answer: Pepper

Friday, July 1

When did the Fourth of July become a legal federal holiday?

Answer: 1938

Thursday, June 30

How many people signed the Declaration of Independence on July Fourth?

Answer: 2

Wednesday, June 29

What is written on the back of the Declaration of Independence?

Answer: "Original Declaration of Independence dated 4th July 1776" (It's written upside down)

Tuesday, June 28

Which president was born on the Fourth of July?

Answer: Calvin Coolidge, the 30th president, in 1872

Monday, June 27

Three presidents died on the Fourth of July.  Who were they?

Answer: John Adams, Thomas Jefferson & James Monroe

Friday, June 24

What's orange and sounds like a parrot?

Answer: Carrot

Thursday, June 23

If you throw me out the window, I'll leave a grieving wife.  Bring me back, but through the door, You'll see someone giving life.  What am I?

Answer: The letter "n".  Throw the letter 'n' from the word window and you have a widow.  Bring back the letter 'n' to door and you have a donor.

Wednesday, June 22

How can you drop a raw egg from 50 feet up onto a concrete floor without cracking it?

Answer: Concrete floors are very hard to crack!
Tuesday, June 21

Can you write cow in 13 letters?

Answer: See o double you

Monday, June 20

Can you arrange 9 numbers - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 -(using each number just once) above and below a division line, to create a fraction equaling to 1/3 (one third)?

Answer: 5832 / 17496 = 1/3

Friday, June 17

What mathematical symbol can be placed between 5 and 9, to get a number greater than 5 and smaller than 9?

Answer: A decimal point  5.9

Thursday, June 16

What word describes a woman who does not have all her fingers on one hand?

Answer: Normal.

Wednesday, June 15

There are three men in a boat with four cigarettes but no matches.  How do they manage to smoke?

Answer: They throw one cigarette overboard and made the boat a cigarette lighter (Ha Ha)

Tuesday, June 14

What has one eye, but cannot see?

Answer: A needle

Monday, June 13

If it were 2 hours later, it would be half as long until midnight as it would be if it were an hour later.  What time is it now?

Answer: 9pm

Friday, June 10

Who is the only coach to win both a NCAA and NBA championship?

Answer: Larry Brown

Thursday, June 9

What is the name of the NBA Championship trophy?

Answer: Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy

Wednesday, June 8

Everyone knows that the Boston Celtics currently hold the record for the most NBA Championships.  Who currently holds the record for losing in the NBA Finals?

Answer: The Los Angeles Lakers (Owner of the second most NBA Championship victories, also have the record for the most Championships losses... 15 of them.)

Tuesday, June 7

What basketball player played the most seasons in the NBA?

Answer: Two players are tied with this record.  Robert Parish & Kevin Willis both played 21 seasons.

Monday, June 6

Who holds the record for the most 3-point field goals made in an NBA playoff game?

Answer: Klay Thompson

Friday, June 3

Who is the NBA's all-time leading scorer?

Answer: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the NBA's all-time leading scorer. He finished his career with 38,387 points.

Thursday, June 2

How did Los Angeles Lakers' superstar Kobe Bryant get his name?

Answer: He's named after a steak

Wednesday, June 1

Michael Jordan is famous for wearing number 23. What other number has MJ worn during his NBA career?

Answer: Michael Jordan wore number 45 when he came out of retirement (the first time) in 1995.