It’s to do some Grass Seeding – April 24

May 6, 2014 Updated May 6, 2014 at 10:07 AM CDT

Ella Maxwell from Hoerr Nursery says now is the time to seed those bare spots in your yard. First, you need to determine if the bare spots are in a shady or sunny area. Afterward, do a light rake and then it’s time to put down seed; which you can do with a handheld seeder, by using the cut-out handle of an old milk jug, or by hand. Once the seed is down, you can lay down some starter fertilizer, then rake them together, and water… and you’re done. You don’t want to rake the seed too deep, as it needs to stay in the top quarter inch of the soil. You can also mow in the first 7-10 days.