• Little Jewels: Cooking With Kids!

    Mark is out at Little Jewels Learning Center with Directors, Rebecca Bradd and Selina Gunn, getting a taste of some healthy kid cuisine!

  • Pekin Marigold Festival

    The Pekin Marigold Festival started out in 1973 as a way to honor Pekin's favorite son, Senator Everett Dirksen, by naming the festival after his beloved flower, the marigold! 2013 Chairman, Shannon Sandoval, is in with more on how the event has grown, and what we can expect this year!

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  • Take A Look At This Tuesday

    Dragon-Con brings out some of the best costumes, scary shadows near Florida surfers, and sculptures made of sand! That's all in Take A Look At This Tuesday!

  • Eysal's Coffee "Show Us Your Mug" Monday

    Congrats to Kathie Galleciez! You are our Wintertime "Show Us Your Mug Monday" winner! You're getting a great prize from Eysal's Coffee, East Peoria Popcorn!

  • Mackinaw Valley Grape Stomp & Harvest Festival

    Mackinaw Valley Vineyard has a lot of exciting events and concerts coming up! Owner, Diane Hahn aka "Lucy," joins us with a look at the Vineyard happenings!

  • Sunday OT Preview: High School Match-Up

    HOI-19 Sports Guru, Jim Mattson, is in with a preview of Sunday Overtime.. and a look at the big High School Football match-up!

  • Bloomington Normal Race For The Cure

    The Bloomington-Normal Race For The Cure is right around the corner! Gina Morss-Fischer, with the Komen Memorial Foundation, and Maureen Davis, breast cancer survivor and team captain, join us with more on this years event!

  • Best Friends Friday Extra

    Sable, Balboa, and Lukey are looking for a good home in the Heart of Illinois!

  • Upper Limits Group Climbing Adventures

    Mark is out at Upper Limits with Heather Fegan getting the scoop on team building, group adventures, and climbing for kids!

  • CEFCU Free Financial Literacy Materials

    CEFCU does so much to help our students. From the One Class At A Time grants, to free financial literacy materials! CEFCU Community Relations Manger, Jana Stevens, joins us with more on how you can get financial literacy materials for your school!

  • Get Rid Of Those Nasty Bed Bugs

    Bed Bugs can be found in more places than just your bed. TJ McCurdy, with Frantz and Company Pest Control, is in with more on where bed bugs are found, and how to get rid of them!

  • Gretchen's Secret Mission To Hardee's

    Gretchen went on a secret mission to Hardee's to try out the new Fried Bologna and Velveeta sandwich!

  • Watch Good Company Anywhere, Anytime!

    Online Director, Paul Filip, is in with exciting news regarding Good Company!!! We're mobile!

  • The Workout Company Les Mills Classes

    Mark is out at The Workout Company talking to Les Mills Instructor, Karl Goeke, about all the great classes you can take at The Workout Co!

  • 2014-2015 Peoria Civic Center Broadway Series

    Peoria Civic Center General Manager, Jim Wetherington, is back on Good Company with the scoop on the 2014-2015 Broadway Season!

  • What's On DVD Wednesday

    It's time to check out What's New On DVD this Wednesday!

  • Clever Ways To Eat Veggies

    Only 10% of kids today are eating the proper amount of vegetables, as detailed in the USDA's MyPlate guidelines. That is why Disney and Birds Eye Vegetables are teaming up for the Step Up to The Plate Campaign!

  • Fly To PIE From CIRA

    Mark is out at the Central Illinois Regional Airport with Deputy Director of Marketing, Fran Strebing, and Executive Director, Carl Olson, getting the scoop on a brand new destination, and a look at the new baggage system!

  • Take A Look At This

    An illegal stroll on a prominent bridge, our 16th president's signature, and monkey chasers.. that's all in today's Take A Look At This!

  • Delicious Biaggi's & A Marcfirst D'Vine Affair!

    Chef Troy Tomlinson, from Biaggi's, and Stephanie Adomaitis, with Marcfirst, are in the Good Company Kitchen cooking up something delicious, and giving us the scoop on the upcoming D'Vine Affair!

  • Verlo Mattress Sales & New Inventory!

    Gretchen is on-location at Verlo Mattress with President, Leonard Bertuli, checking out the awesome sales, and clearing the floor for new merchandise!

  • Curves Fitness Study Results

    There's a lot going on at the Peoria Curves, and we're learning the results of the Fitness Study that was done this Summer! Owner, Kim Martin, joins us now with the big result reveal!

  • Show Us Your Mug Monday

    Congrats to Sidnee and Max Tolley! You're our Eysal's Coffee, East Peoria Popcorn "Show Us Your Mug Monday" winner!

  • Sunday OT Preview Kick Off!

    HOI-19 Sports Guru, Jim Mattson, is back on Good Company kicking off his Sunday Overtime Preview! First up, High School Football and the Bears!

  • Children's Home 50th Youth Farm Cattle Auction

    The Children's Home Youth Farm Cattle Auction is celebrating its 50th year! Darren Frye, President and CEO of Water Street Solutions, and Peoria City Councilman, Chuck Weaver, join us with more on what they're raising money for at this years event!

  • 411 On Banking Fees

    Have you ever gotten strange fees on your bank account, and not known where they came from? Vice President of Marketing at State Bank of Speer, Jay Glatz, joins us with what you need to be looking for!

  • Best Friends Friday Extra

    Wild Style, Daphne, and Gumby are looking for a good home in the Heart of Illinois, and Mark Welp is taking the Ice Bucket Challenge!

  • Gretchen's Making Scrumptious Treats At The Confectionery

    Gretchen is on-location at The Confectionery in Morton with Owners, Travis and Lynn Langenbach, making some pies and frosting some delicious treats!

  • Dr. Kabir Has The Scoop On TMJD

    Many people suffer from TMJ, and it can be very painful! Dr. Amyas Kabir, with the Kabir Center For Health, joins us with the 411 on TMJ and how he can treat your jaw pain!

  • Peoria Symphony Orchestra 117th Season!

    The Peoria Symphony Orchestra is getting ready to start its 117th season! Viki Burnett, Marketing Manager at Peoria Symphony Orchestra, joins us with a preview of what we can expect this season!

  • Gretchen's Dorm Room Goodies

    Gretchen has some great craft ideas for your college dorm room!

  • McLean County Heart Walk

    Heart Disease remains the number one killer of Americans, and in McLean County. Tony Coletta, with Advocate BroMenn, joins us with the scoop on how you can get involved in the upcoming McLean County Heart Walk!

  • The Exchange Public Saloon

    Mark is on-location at The Exchange Public Saloon with General Manager, Josie Decker, getting a taste of the delicious food and drink they have, as well as a preview of fun events coming up!

  • What's On DVD Wednesday

    We're showing you What's New On DVD this Wednesday!

  • Mark & Gretchen Are Making Art With Wheel Art Pottery!

    We've told you about all the great things you can create at Wheel Art Pottery Studios in Peoria, and now we're getting our hands dirty! Owner, Susie Mathews, joins us with a fun pottery activity!

  • Peoria Vein Center Has The Scoop On Spider Veins

    Spider veins can not only be unsightly, they can hurt too! Melissa Glass, with The Peoria Vein Center, is in with her expertise on the treatment of spider veins!

  • Take A Look At This

    One woman attempts the National Anthem in all 50 States, a sword-wielding man is disarmed, and a Soapbox Derby for adults! It's all in Take A Look At This Tuesday!

  • Tazewell Teen Initiative Awareness Breakfast

    Did you know, according to the 2012 Illinois Youth Survey, more Tazewell County Teens are driving under the influence of marijuana than alcohol? Assistant State's Attorney, Kate Legge, joins us with details on the Tazewell Teen Initiative Awareness Breakfast!

  • Adjusting Your Child's Sleep Schedule

    Most kids have started school by now, which means they should be going to bed earlier! Some families have a harder time than others making that back to school adjustment, so here to help is Dr. Ravindra Kashyap from UnityPoint Health Methodist-Proctor!

  • Show Us Your Mug Monday

    Congrats to our Eysal's Coffee, East Peoria Popcorn "Show Us Your Mug" winner, Sarah Wolf-Hiles!