Wild and Willey

By WEEK Creative Services

May 8, 2013 Updated May 8, 2013 at 9:31 AM CDT

Soap fans know his as "Jackson Montgomery". But he's more than just a former soap star!
Walt Willey himself joins us in the studio to discuss his upcoming performance at the Jukebox Comedy Club and let's us know who the special guest stars will be in his yearly production in Ottawa, IL.

Wild and Willey at the Jukebox Comedy Club
May 9th @ 8:00pm
May 10th & 11th @ 7pm & 9:30pm
(309) 673-5853

***Mark Your Calendars!***
Walt Willey in "Death Trap"
July 19th - 21st
Ottawa, IL
Tickets: $25
(888) 688-2924

Learn more about Walt and his appearances at WaltWilleyWorld.com