Good Company Archive

  • 411 On Genetically Modified Foods

    Farmers and Gardeners have been genetically modifying their plants to express desired traits through selective breeding for thousands of years!

  • A Look At How CIRA Prepares For Winter!

    Mark is behind the scenes at the Central Illinois Regional Airport with Executive Director, Carl Olson, getting a look at how they prepare the runways for winter!

  • Take A Look At This

    Adorable Cheetah Cubs, Oktoberfest begins, and an armadillo escort.. it's all in Take A Look At This Tuesday!

  • Biaggi's Take On New Orleans Cuisine

    Chef Troy Tomlinson, with Biaggi's, is in the Good Company Kitchen cooking up a New Orleans specialty dish!

  • New Technology At Verlo Mattress Factory!

    Verlo Mattress Factory has a new way of doing foam mattresses! President, Leonard Bertuli, shows Gretchen the great new technology at Verlo now!

  • Get In Shape For Fall At Curves!

    The holidays are quickly approaching, which means big meals are in your future! Owner of Curves in Peoria, Kim Martin, is in with tips and tricks to get you in shape and ready for Fall!

  • Show Us Your Mug Monday

    Congrats to our Eysal's Coffee, East Peoria Popcorn "Show Us Your Mug" winner, Billie Jo Johnson!

  • GoCo Sunday OT Preview

    Some big football games are taking place this weekend! HOI-19 Sports Guru, Jim Mattson, joins us with a preview of Sunday Overtime!

  • Concerts, Comedy & More At The Peoria Civic Center

    Tickets for a big concert at the Peoria Civic Center went on sale today! General Manager, Jim Wetherington, joins us with more on the many things coming to the Civic Center this year!

  • Violinist Sarah Chang Performs With The PSO

    The 2014-2015 Peoria Symphony Orchestra Concert Season has outstanding guest artists. Music Director, George Stelluto, and Violinist, Sarah Chang, join us with more on Sarah's performance this weekend!