Good Company Archive

  • Having Fun With George The Tortoise!

    Mark and Gretchen are with Collections Curator, Dawn Petefish, and Curator of Animals, Kim Scott, playing with 75 year-old George the Tortoise!

  • The Zoo Has Education Programs & More!

    The Peoria Zoo has many programs for students and teachers in Illinois! Curator of Education, Jessica Slater, and Educator, Heather Maughan, join Mark and Gretchen by the Giraffes to tell us more about the great programs the Zoo has to offer, and a special guest!

  • Secure Dental At The Zoo!

    Kristina Cecil and Danielle Wolfe, with Secure Dental, join us out at the Peoria Zoo to tell us all about Dental Health for Kids!

  • Best Friends Friday Extra At The Zoo!

    We're on the road at the Peoria Zoo! Grace, Channing, and Kebo are looking for a good home in the Heart of Illinois!

  • Ripley's Bizarre Buying Bazaar

    The Peoria Riverfront Museum wants you to search your attics, basements and garages, for bizarre and weird stuff! Ann Schmitt, with the Museum, joins us with more on Ripley's Bizarre Buying Bazaar!

  • Hands On Training at Midwest Technical Institute

    Gretchen is on location at MTI in East Peoria talking to Admissions Representative, Sarah Murduck, and High School Recruiter, Louie Schonauer, about hands on training for in demand careers!

  • No Bottoms Wet Behind Diaper Drive!

    We've been talking about our "No Bottoms Wet Behind" Diaper Drive in conjunction with the Women's Pregnancy Center. Denise Bailey, Director at the Women's Pregnancy Center, joins us with more on what the Center does, and how you can help out!

  • Starcrest Cleaners Viewers' Choice Award!

    Starcrest Cleaners is the place to go for those with a busy lifestyle! With several locations and a lot of conveniences, this family owned business has it all! Owner, Luke Hermes, and General Manager, Quintin Yallaly, join us with more on their Viewers' Choice Award-Winning Business!

  • "Little Shop Of Horrors" At Peoria Players Theatre!

    "Little Shop of Horrors" opens tonight at the Peoria Players Theatre! This youth production is a must-see for all ages! "Seymour," Wes Hunt, "Audrey," Emma Lutrell, and the Urchins join us with a preview of the great music in "Little Shop of Horrors!"

  • Viewers' Choice Award-Winning Firehouse Pizza

    Firehouse Pizza has three locations in the Heart of Illinois where you can get their Viewers' Choice Award-Winning Pizza! Shane Couri, Owner of Firehouse Pizza in Peoria, and Erik Perkins, Owner of Firehouse Pizza in Morton, join us with more on what makes them so special!