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  • Mattresses Your Way At Verlo Mattress Factory

    Mark is on-location at Verlo Mattress Factory with President, Leonard Bertuli, getting a look at how you can customize your mattress to get a perfect night sleep! Stop by Verlo today to get your mattress made your way.

  • The Beau Knows 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament Is Coming Up At The Peoria Civic Center

    In 2014, a scholarship was established in memory of Beau Grant, and to help fund it the 'Beau Knows 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament' was created! The 2016 event is coming up and this year its happening at the Peoria Civic Center. Clare Zell, with the Peoria Civic Center & Beau Grant Foundation, is in with more on this great event.

  • We're Drinking Wine-A-Colada's For Wine Wednesday!

    Happy Wine Wednesday! Thanks to our friends Diane & Paul Hahn at Mackinaw Valley Vineyard for sponsoring our favorite day! Today we're drinking a Wine-A-Colada. For more information visit www.MackinawValleyVineyard.com!

  • Barnewolt & Barnewolt Chiropractic Has The Tools To Relieve Tennis Elbow Pain

    Courtney Shattuck is on-location at Barnewolt & Barnewolt Chiropractic with Dr. Josh Barnewolt, getting Kinesio taped up to alleviate Tennis Elbow discomfort and pressure. Kinesio tape is beneficial for athletes of all types so you'll definitely want to head to Barnewolt & Barenwolt Chiropractic and have Dr. Josh take care of you!

  • Take Dad's Car To Trac Automotive For A Tune-Up This Father's Day!

    Trac Automotive provides a wide range of services, and it's the perfect place to take Dad's car for a tune-up this Father's Day! Brianna Schierer, with Trac Automotive, is in with more on the services they provide and how they can get Dad's car in tip-top shape!

  • Transform Your Space With In-Home Design At La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries

    Courtney is on-location at La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries in Peoria with Store Manager, Penny Smith, and In-Home Designer, Marci Hess, getting a look at how they can take a sofa and a love seat and create a magical living space with a pop of color!

  • Get Ready For The 11th Annual Peoria County Emergency Expo

    Peoria County's 11th Annual Emergency Expo is coming up this Wednesday! Sheriff Mike McCoy & Jenny Fulton, with Peoria County, are in with more on this year's event. Bring the whole family for a day of fun!

  • Penn Landscaping & Sunburst Nursery Can Help You Fix Dad's Yard This Father's Day!

    Father's Day is this weekend and if you're looking for the perfect gift for Dad look no further! Penn Landscaping & Sunburst Nursery can help! Garden Center Manager, Tyler Penn, is in with a look at some of the great Annuals they have, and how to keep them longer & stronger. Be sure to LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE this segment for your chance to win a Father's Day prize! Visit www.CINewsNow.com/Contests to learn more.

  • Get Your "Book Of Mormon" Tickets For This Weekend! Cast Member Daryn Harrell Gives Us A Preview Of The Show

    There are still tickets left to see the Broadway hit "Book of Mormon" this weekend at the Peoria Civic Center! One of the cast members, and a hometown girl, Daryn Harrell, is in telling us all about the show and what it's like to perform on her hometown stage.

  • We're Announcing The 2016 Product Of The Year Awards!

    There is much more to navigating store aisles than dodging other shoppers. With 50,000 new products introduced to consumers annually, it also means deciding which are best for you and your family! Smart Shopping Expert, Trae Bodge, joins Mark with the 2016 Product of the Year Award Winners, which are voted on by 40,000 consumers just like you! Visit www.ProductOfTheYearUSA.com to see all the winners.