Good Company Archive

  • Team Mark vs Team Gretchen Obstacle Race!

    Team Mark and Team Gretchen go head to head in the inflatable obstacle course challenge!

  • Fun On The Run Inflatables For Any Party!

    Mark is checking out all the fun inflatables out in our backyard, with Owner of Fun On The Run, Dave Kinzinger!

  • Chiropractic Care For Kids!!

    Dr. Chad Walker, with Benningfield & Associates Chiropractic, and his daughter, Addison Walker, join Gretchen with all you need to know on Chiropractic Care for Kids!

  • Kids Muddy Madness Is Days Away!!

    Co-Chair of Kids Muddy Madness for St. Jude, Christy Howell, joins Mark and Gretchen with details on the big event, and more on how you can get your kids registered now!!

  • Summer Fun Show!

    Mark and Gretchen are out in the backyard of the studio with our wonderful guests, Anna and Lauren Welp!

  • Viewers' Choice Winner: Trouble Free Heating Cooling & Plumbing!

    Our Viewers' Choice Winner for Heating, Cooling and Plumbing is of course, Trouble Free, and right now they're hiring! Dave Osborn, Owner of Trouble Free Heating Cooling & Plumbing, is in with more on what he's looking for to expand his business!

  • Midstate College Fall Enrollment

    Midstate College is an important part of Peoria's history. Since 1888, Midstate College has provided an important link between the educational pursuits of individuals and their careers. President and CEO, Meredith Bunch, joins us with a look at fall enrollment!

  • Little Jewels Cures For Summer Boredom

    Gretchen is on location at Little Jewels Learning Center with Executive Director, Mary Beth Lowery, and Director, Jessica Bennett, getting tips and tricks to cure kids summer boredom!

  • Great Drink Recipes For Any Party!

    4th of July is here, but rather than stick with the same-old staples of burgers, hot dogs and beer, Pinnacle Vodka wants to spice up your summer with unexpected food and cocktail pairings!

  • Host The Perfect Party!

    With the start of summer, many of us are staying home and entertaining! From backyard BBQ's to pool parties, summer is the perfect time for friends and family to get together!