Good Company Archive

  • Youth Summer Climbing Clinics At Upper Limits!

    Mark is on location at Upper Limits in Bloomington, with Heather Fegan, checking out the great fun kids can have this summer!

  • Get Ready For Summer

    Gretchen gets the scoop on the best beauty products for Summer!

  • "Edge of Tomorrow" Movie Premiere - Get Your Passes Now!

    Our friend, Jordan Borders, is in with details on our upcoming premiere of "Edge of Tomorrow!"

  • Sleep Soundly This Summer On A Verlo Mattress!

    Mark is on location at Verlo Mattress with President, Leonard Bertuli, taking a look at the ways you can get a good nights sleep!

  • Personalize Your Workout At The Workout Company

    Mark is out at The Workout Company with Trainer, Samantha Quigle, checking out how they can personalize your workouts!

  • Home Improvement Tips

    The Home Improvement Trade Show was a few weeks ago, and with summer right around the corner, many of you are starting your home improvement projects!

  • Biaggi's Takes Over For Memorial Day!

    Chef Troy Tomlinson, with Biaggi's in Bloomington, is in the Good Company Kitchen taking over the show! Check out the delicious meals he's making!

  • Kids Muddy Madness

    What kid doesn't want to run around and jump in mud? Well parents, we've got the perfect solution for your rowdy and anxious kids this summer! Christy Howell, Co-Chair of Kids Muddy Madness, joins us with a preview of the big event!

  • Get In Shape At Curves!

    The Curves Weight Loss Facility is specially designed for women, featuring Curves Complete, the only program that includes exercise, meal plans and coaching all in one place! Kimberly Martin, Owner of Curves on Sterling, joins us with more on why this program is so successful!

  • Take A Look At This

    Would you let a python give you a massage? That's one of the great videos we've got in this weeks Take A Look At This!