Good Company Archive

  • The Backyard Talent Show for St. Jude This Weekend!

    The Backyard Talent Show for St. Jude was started in 2008 by four cousins. It's 2015, and it's still going strong! Gretchen gets a preview of this year's show with co-founders and hosts Kaitlyn Geier and Isabelle Kolvek!

  • A Bite Of A Delicious Duck Dish From Biaggi's!

    Chef Michael Shinall from Biaggi's in Peoria is in the Good Company Kitchen making Darren Wright and Gretchen a delicious duck dish! Stop in to Biaggi's in Peoria or Bloomington to get a taste of their amazing Italian, burgers, duck and more!

  • Adjust Your Sleep With A Mattress At Verlo!

    Gretchen is learning all about adjusting your sleep at Verlo Mattress Factory with President Leonard Bertuli! Stop in now to customize your mattress and more sleeping needs! Visit www.verlo.com to learn more!

  • Join Curves In June For St. Jude!

    If you've already put that bathing suit on and you're not happy with what you see, you can still get in shape this summer! Kim Martin with Curves in Peoria offers some incentive! If you join now through the end of June, $25 will go towards St. Jude!

  • Show Us Your Mug Monday!

    Congrats to Emily Jean Rmaila! You're our show Show Us Your Mug winner! We're picking another winner next Monday! This week we want to see whatever picture you want to show off! It's viewer's choice! Just post them on our HOI 19 Good Company Facebook page or e-mail them to us at Good Company at whoitv.com. Be sure to include your name if you email them to us!

  • We're Closing Our Wildlife Prairie Park Adventure With Pig Races!

    Megan Cipolla and Gretchen go head-to-head in an epic Pig Race battle! Who's pig will win? Megans' Red Pig or Gretchens' Semi-Spotted Pig? Watch to find out who claimed the victory!

  • Train Rides, Mountain Bikes & Hikes For All At Wildlife Prairie Park!

    Gretchen & Megan are taking a little train ride with Executive Director of Wildlife Prairie Park, Doug Dillow! We're also checking out the brand new Mountain Bike course with Volunteer, Betsy Silzer, and getting the inside scoop on a brand new Frisbee Golf Course coming soon!

  • Butterflies, Otters, Chickens & More At Wildlife Prairie Park's Pioneer Farm

    We're at CEFCU Pioneer Farm feeding the goats with Executive Director at Wildlife Prairie Park, Doug Dillow! The Farm is a fantastic place for kids to get a chance to feed the animals as well as check out a bit of history in the one room School House and old Log Cabin!

  • Have Your Next Big Camping Trip At Wildlife Prairie Park!

    We're On The Road at Wildlife Prairie Park with Executive Director, Doug Dillow, getting a look at the amazing overnights you can have in a Caboose or Grain Bin! We also get a look at the places you can cast your reel to catch some big fish!

  • Best Friends Friday Extra.. At Wildlife Prairie Park!

    We're On The Road at Wildlife Prairie Park broadcasting to you from a pasture with the Bison & Elk! Also.. Stewie, Randy and Diamond are looking for a good home in the Heart of Illinois!