Good Company Archive

  • Best Friends Monday

    KitKat, Henry, and Bindi, are looking for a good home in the Heart of Illinois!

  • Beltone Follow-Up Care

    Once you have your Beltone hearing device all set and functioning, you'll need some follow-up care! Kelli Barisch, a Beltone Hearing Care Specialist, joins us with more on what follow-up care involves!

  • Beltone First Hearing Device

    Beltone First is a cutting edge hearing device that gives you new ways to hear the sounds you love! Owner, Laurie Chiou, and Beltone First recipient, Michael J. Freilinger, join us with a look at how Beltone First works!

  • Beltone Hearing Care Centers

    Beltone has been in business for almost 75 years! Owner, Laurie Chiou, and Madeline Keane, from Beltone Corporate, join us now with more on what Beltone can do for you!

  • Best Friends Friday Extra

    Fiona, Samantha, and Browning are looking for a good home in the Heart of Illinois!

  • Lo Bosworth Talks Pumpkin Benefits!

    MTV Star, Lo Bosworth, joins Gretchen to talk about the health benefits of eating pumpkin!

  • Frantz & Co Pest Control: Termite Prevention

    As the weather warms up and those pests start creeping into your house, you need to think pest control! TJ McCurdy, with Frantz & Company Pest Control, joins us to talk termite and swarmer prevention!

  • Great Outdoor Lighting At J.D.L. Lighting and Electric

    Mark is on location at J.D.L Lighting and Electric with Emily Conover, checking out some great outdoor lighting options!

  • Morton Civic Chorus Presents "Encore"

    The Morton Civic Chorus is performing next week and raising money for a great charity! Lee Wenger, with the Morton Civic Chorus, joins us with more on "Encore!"

  • The Importance of Tanning Lotions

    Gretchen is at The Ultimate Tan with Jen Vandusen, talking about the great benefits of using tanning lotions!