Good Company Archive

  • We're Announcing A New Monday Feature!

    General Manager of the Peoria Civic Center, Jim Wetherington, is filling in for Mark today, and we're announcing a new feature!

  • Visit Mackinaw Valley Vineyard During The Week!

    It's Friday Wineday! Diane Hahn, Owner of Mackinaw Valley Vineyard, is in the Good Company Kitchen with a look at the exciting events happening at the Vineyard, and why you should take a trip to the Winery during the week!

  • Women's Pregnancy Center

    The Women's Pregnancy Center in Peoria has everything from birthing classes to sonograms! Director, Denise Bailey, is in with more on the services the Women's Pregnancy Center provides!

  • Civic Center's 2014-2015 Broadway Season

    The Civic Center has been busy this year! General Manager, Jim Wetherington, is in with a preview of the 2014-2015 Broadway Season!

  • Best Friends Friday Extra

    Tod, Billy, and Panda are looking for a good home in the Heart of Illinois!

  • The Benefits Of Meditation!

    Kabir Center For Health is a holistic wellness center whose mission is to support individuals and families in the expression of optimal social, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being! Dr. Amyas Kabir is in with the scoop on the benefits of meditation!

  • Rest Well With a TempurPedic

    Mark is on location at Beds Direct with Owner, Dave Namoff, checking out some great TempurPedic mattresses that can guarantee a great nights sleep!

  • Eastlight Theatre "Mary Poppins" Regional Premiere

    Gretchen is on location at Eastlight Theatre talking to "Mary Poppins" Director, Robin Hunt, and Mary Poppins, Stephanie Myre, about the Regional Premiere of "Mary Poppins," which hits the stage tomorrow!

  • Happy Birthday Mark!

    It's Mark's birthday this weekend, and his twins baby shower! Gretchen surprises him with a few treats for both celebrations!

  • Business & Home Equity Lines Of Credit

    If you need some cash, or you want to do a little home improvement, a business or home equity line of credit could be the answer! Vice President of Marketing at State Bank of Speer, Jay Glatz, joins us to tell us how it all works!