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  • Early Childhood Education At HCC

    Heartland Community College's Early Childhood Education Program is in direct partnership with Illinois State University. Johnna Darragh Ernst, with Heartland Community College, and Amanda Quesenberry, with Illinois State University, join us with more on the Early Childhood Education program!

  • Physical Therapist Assistant Program At HCC

    Heartland Community College has a new program to prepare healthcare professionals as Physical Therapist Assistants. Jane Miller, Physical Therapist Assistant Program Instructor, joins us now with more on the new program!

  • Heartland Community College

    Whether you want to begin your college career, need specific skills to advance your career, or simply want to learn a new skill or hobby, Heartland Community College in Normal is the first step to where you want to go! Johnna Darragh Ernst, Professor of Early Childhood Education, joins us with more on HCC!

  • YouTube Thursday

    It's YouTube Thursday, and we've got a great way to prepare for your wedding!

  • Flashback To Do My Job Past

    We're flashing back to Daybreak Do My Job past!

  • How Heartbleed Can Affect You

    The Heartbleed bug is a recently discovered security flaw that essentially gives anyone who knows where and how to look, access into sensitive information like passwords, personal information, and account numbers! V.P. of Communications at State Bank of Speer, Jay Glatz, joins us with more on how this can affect you!

  • Peoria Players "Smokey Joe's Cafe"

    Smokey Joe's Cafe is a Grammy Award-winning musical revue that showcases 39 pop standards, including rock n' roll and rhythm and blues! Cast members from Peoria Players Theatre, Ayana Pankey and Jasmyne Providence, join us with a preview of the show!

  • What's On DVD Wednesday

    We've got a preview of What's On DVD Wednesday!

  • Peoria Vein Center: Blood Clot Prevention

    Peoria Vein Center treats all kinds of vascular and vein diseases, including blood clots! Dr. Andy Chiou joins us with a look at how you can prevent blood clots this summer!

  • Upcoming Events At Wheel Art Pottery!

    Wheel Art is a pottery studio and school offering small class sizes for beginning and intermediate students, and memberships for experienced potters! Co-Owners, Susie Mathews and Jacob Grant, join us with more on their upcoming events!