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  • We're Kicking Off The Backpack Snack Packs Drive With Bob Lindsay & The Midwest Food Bank

    We're kicking off our Bob Lindsay and Midwest Food Bank 'Backpack Snack Pack' Drive today! Now through the end of July, you can drop off items to Bob Lindsay Honda or Bob Lindsay Acura to help feed hungry children! Monica Scheuer and Jody Smith-Brown, with the Midwest Food Bank, and Jodi Lindsay, Owner of Bob Lindsay dealerships, are in with more on this phenomenal drive. For a list of items you can donate, visit www.CINewsNow.com.

  • The 9th Annual Backyard Talent Show For St. Jude Is Coming Up!

    Started in 2008 by four cousins, the Backyard Talent Show for St. Jude is in its 9th year and full of fun and surprises! Maddie & Isabelle Kolvek, along with St. Jude Cancer Survivor, Grace Jenkins, are in with a preview of this years carnival themed event, and how you can donate to a phenomenal cause.

  • 3..2..1..Blast Off To The Peoria Riverfront Museum's New Exhibit To "Be The Astronaut!"

    Gretchen is on-location at the Peoria Riverfront Museum training to "Be The Astronaut" in their new exhibit! Public Programs Coordinator, Heather Placko, and Theater Curator, David Stief, give us a look at this fantastic exhibit and programs that go along with it.

  • The City Of Peoria Wants Your Input!

    The City of Peoria wants your input about the future of downtown! There's a special meeting going on right now at The Warehouse that you can attend. Kim Smith and Scott Reeise, with The City of Peoria, are in with more on where you can go to weigh in on the improvement of Downtown Peoria.

  • The Peoria Civic Center Is In With More On Their Viewers' Choice Award-Winning Facility!

    If you're looking for a venue for your next event, Viewers' Choice Award Winner, The Peoria Civic Center, is the place to go! General Manager, Anne Clayton, is in with more on the beautiful and unique places you can have your next event.

  • Just Kidz Dentistry Has The 411 On Early Childhood Caries

    Gretchen is on-location at Just Kidz Dentistry with Pediatric Dentists, Dr. Christa Spates and Dr. Elisa Roth, getting the scoop on Early Childhood Caries and why it's so important to take your kids to the dentist!

  • Chris Doscotch Is The Big Viewers' Choice Winner & Is In Telling Us How You Can Donate To The Peoria Veterans' Memorial

    Chris Doscotch is the big Viewers' Choice Award Winner again this year for Personal Injury Attorney, but there is something else he's passionate about, the Peoria County Veterans' Memorial! Joining him from Peoria County is Steve Sonnemaker, with more on how you can get involved and donate to this phenomenal memorial.

  • We've Got A New Co-Host In "Wine" For Gretchen On This Wine Wednesday!

    Happy Wine Wednesday! Thanks to our friends at Mackinaw Valley Vineyard, Paul & Diane Hahn, for sponsoring our favorite day of the week! Gretchen met a new co-host in "wine," Kaleigh Keller, and invited her on to try out our Wine of the Week, "Jasmines Moonlight!" Also, congrats to our Penn Landscaping Father's Day Winner, Jan Grebner.

  • Clothes Mentor Peoria Has All You Need To Accessorize Your Outfits

    Gretchen is on-location at Clothes Mentor in Peoria with Manager, Lynn Maisel, getting a look at some stunning accessories that they have in store to help you complete any outfit! Be sure to LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE, this segment for your chance to win a $25 gift card! For contest details, visit www.CINewsNow.com/Contests.

  • Get Rid Of Swollen Feet & Pesky Spider Veins

    The only Accredited Vein Center in the state of Illinois wants you to look and feel better this summer! LeAnn Eisfelder, RN, and Kendra Wendling, RN, with Peoria Vein Center, are in with more on how they can help you take care of swollen feet and those pesky spider veins.