Good Company Archive

  • Adjusting Your Child's Sleep Schedule

    Most kids have started school by now, which means they should be going to bed earlier! Some families have a harder time than others making that back to school adjustment, so here to help is Dr. Ravindra Kashyap from UnityPoint Health Methodist-Proctor!

  • Show Us Your Mug Monday

    Congrats to our Eysal's Coffee, East Peoria Popcorn "Show Us Your Mug" winner, Sarah Wolf-Hiles!

  • M & G Take On Some 90's Trivia!

    Good Company Producer, Courtney Shattuck, is in giving Mark and Gretchen a little 90's trivia!

  • Get Yourself Red Carpet Ready!

    Somewhere in Hollywood right now, a best actress nominee is in the midst of an intense "pre-Emmy regimen" that will allow her to shine on awards night!

  • Best Friends Friday Extra

    Frack, Cleo, and Neveah are looking for a good home in the Heart of Illinois!

  • The 411 On Spiders!

    The Itsy Bitsy Spider crawled up the water spout, and into your home, and then had babies and made more spiders! Not quite the nursery rhyme we all remember, but spiders can take over your home very quickly. TJ McCurdy, with Frantz & Company Pest Control, is in to help us fight those creepy crawlers.

  • Sweet Kids Cruise-In & Car Show

    The Sweet Kids Cruise-In and Car Show to benefit the Pediatric Diabetes Resource Center, is coming up next week! Organizers, Emily and Dan Jones, join us with more on what we can expect from this year's event!

  • Edge: By Chef Dustin Allen

    Gretchen is on location at Edge in Junction City with Executive Chef and Owner, Dustin Allen, getting a look at delicious Farm to Table Cuisine!

  • Fall Fashions At Belle Mie

    Gretchen is out at Belle Mie with Owner, Jade Wagenbach, checking out some great fall fashions and beautiful jewelry!

  • The Ultimate Tan Has Everything From Lotions To Memberships!

    Mark is on location at The Ultimate Tan talking to Jen Vandusen about everything from lotions to tanning packages!