Good Company Archive

  • Dr. Kabir Has The Scoop On TMJD

    Many people suffer from TMJ, and it can be very painful! Dr. Amyas Kabir, with the Kabir Center For Health, joins us with the 411 on TMJ and how he can treat your jaw pain!

  • Peoria Symphony Orchestra 117th Season!

    The Peoria Symphony Orchestra is getting ready to start its 117th season! Viki Burnett, Marketing Manager at Peoria Symphony Orchestra, joins us with a preview of what we can expect this season!

  • Gretchen's Dorm Room Goodies

    Gretchen has some great craft ideas for your college dorm room!

  • McLean County Heart Walk

    Heart Disease remains the number one killer of Americans, and in McLean County. Tony Coletta, with Advocate BroMenn, joins us with the scoop on how you can get involved in the upcoming McLean County Heart Walk!

  • The Exchange Public Saloon

    Mark is on-location at The Exchange Public Saloon with General Manager, Josie Decker, getting a taste of the delicious food and drink they have, as well as a preview of fun events coming up!

  • What's On DVD Wednesday

    We're showing you What's New On DVD this Wednesday!

  • Mark & Gretchen Are Making Art With Wheel Art Pottery!

    We've told you about all the great things you can create at Wheel Art Pottery Studios in Peoria, and now we're getting our hands dirty! Owner, Susie Mathews, joins us with a fun pottery activity!

  • Peoria Vein Center Has The Scoop On Spider Veins

    Spider veins can not only be unsightly, they can hurt too! Melissa Glass, with The Peoria Vein Center, is in with her expertise on the treatment of spider veins!

  • Take A Look At This

    One woman attempts the National Anthem in all 50 States, a sword-wielding man is disarmed, and a Soapbox Derby for adults! It's all in Take A Look At This Tuesday!

  • Tazewell Teen Initiative Awareness Breakfast

    Did you know, according to the 2012 Illinois Youth Survey, more Tazewell County Teens are driving under the influence of marijuana than alcohol? Assistant State's Attorney, Kate Legge, joins us with details on the Tazewell Teen Initiative Awareness Breakfast!