Good Company Archive

  • Courtney Helps Darren & Mark Craft Valentine's For Their Sweeties!

    Courtney is helping Darren and Mark make Valentine's for their sweeties!

  • Darren, Mark & Courtney Are Getting Pied!

    The three troublemakers are up to no good today! Courtney, Darren & Mark are having a food fight of sorts - by playing Pie Face the game!

  • The Central Illinois Friends Of PWA 'Mardi Gras Masquerade' Is This Weekend!

    Let the beads fly at the Central Illinois Friends of People With AIDS/HIV 'Mardi Gras Masquerade' this Friday! From great music to delicious Nawlins' style food, you won't want to miss this fantastic fundraiser! Mike Minton and Pam Ferguson, with Central Illinois Friends of PWA, join us with a preview of the event! Be sure to tune in every week to see what Fox Services Express "Good Company, Great Community" event is happening in the area.

  • Courtney Is Giving Mark & Gretchen A Little "Flavored" Chocolate Taste Test!

    Producer Courtney is in the Good Company Kitchen with Mark and Gretchen giving them a little chocolate taste test! There are 5 different flavored chocolate bars, can they guess them all?

  • Chef Troy Is In Cooking The Perfect Pasta Dish!

    Chef Troy Tomlinson, with Biaggi's in Bloomington, is in the Good Company Kitchen making Chitarra Pasta Carbonara, a dish that will be on Biaggi's Feature card until next week! Be sure to make your Valentine's Day reservations now at the Peoria or Bloomington location!

  • The I've Decided Campaign Has A Great Seminar Coming Up To Help You Eliminate Debt!

    Does the idea of being debt free sound both exciting and impossible at the same time? Well, the I've Decided Campaign has a great seminar coming up just for you! Founder, Kim Martin, and Seminar Leader from Empowered Financial Living, Vickie Streitmatter, are in with more on this great event!

  • Plan Your Big Day With So Chic Boutique & Events!

    We're wrapping up Bridal Week with the Owner of So Chic Boutique & Events and Behind Every Bride, Sara O'Shea, getting a look at all the great things she has in store to help you plan the perfect wedding for you! From baby gifts to party supplies and more, So Chic Boutique & Events has it all! Be sure to stop by the Bridal Bash this weekend to check out more great things to help you plan your big day!

  • The Peoria Civic Centers' Savor Can Cater Your Special Day!

    Mark is on-location at the Peoria Civic Center with Lauren McBain and Executive Chef, Leo Carney, getting a taste of some of the scrumptious food they can provide for your special day! From theme weddings to buffets, Chef Leo works with couples to provide the perfect food pairings!

  • Get Your Guests On The Dance Floor With DJ4U!

    You can't have a wedding without music! President and CEO of DJ4U, Jason Parkinson, is in with more on how he can creatively light your space and get your guests on the dance floor!

  • BFF Extra & A Little Sunday OT Preview!

    Three adorable animals at the TAPS No-Kill Animal Shelter are looking for a good home in the Heart of Illinois, sponsored by Lopears Poochie Playground! Come meet your peers at Lopears! Jim Mattson has a Sunday OT preview of all the sports happenings this weekend!