Good Company Archive

  • Best Friends Friday Extra

    Nala, Rodrick, and Harvey are looking for a good home in the Heart of Illinois!

  • Services & More At Grossinger Motors

    Grossinger Motors offers certified technicians, competitive pricing, pick up and drop off, loaner cars and more! Service Director, Brian Stevenson, joins us with more on Grossinger Motors services!

  • Grossinger Motors Advantages & Specials

    Grossinger offers the Grossinger Advantage program which includes exclusive benefits for their customers, and they have some great specials happening now! Sales Manager, Jack Shook, joins us with a look at what you can drive off the lot!

  • All About Grossinger Motors

    Grossinger Motors features Mercedes Benz, Audi, Volvo, Volkswagen, Subaru, Lincoln and pre-driven vehicles! General Manager, Eddie Larson, joins us with more on what makes Grossinger stand out from the rest!

  • We're On The Road At Grossinger Motors!

    Mark and Gretchen are on the road at Grossinger Motors in Normal, checking out some awesome cars, and great services Grossinger provides!

  • Rodgers Real Estate Group

    Are you looking to buy or sell a home? The Rodgers Real Estate Group can help! Viewers' Choice Award Winner, Scott Rodgers, joins us with more on what the Rodgers Real Estate Group can do for you!

  • Menold Construction & Restoration

    Menold Construction and Restoration is Central Illinois' trusted, first-choice option for residential and commercial damage repair. They offer full-service solutions for a variety of environmental property losses, and they are a big Viewers' Choice Award Winner! Vice President, Steve Driscoll, joins us with more on what Menold can do for you!

  • CEFCU Talks Personal Loans

    You never know when you may need a personal loan! CEFCU Credit Manager, Jason Koch, joins us with more on how to get the loan process started!

  • Fly Delta Airlines Out Of CIRA

    Gretchen is on location at the Central Illinois Regional Airport with Deputy Director of Marketing, Fran Strebing, getting the scoop on Delta Airlines!

  • Chef Michael Cooks Up A Delicious Seafood Pasta Dish!

    Chef Michael Shinall, with Biaggi's in Peoria, is in the Good Company Kitchen making a delicious seafood pasta dish!