Good Company Archive

  • "Discover Radiance" At Curves!

    Curves is taking you on a 12-week journey to health and wholeness starting in April! Owner, Kim Martin, is in with more on the 12-week program, Discover Radiance!

  • Air Conditioners, Water Heaters & More!

    Owner of Trouble Free Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, Dave Osborn, is in the studio with the 411 on replacement air conditioning units, as well as a recap of the new water heater regulations!

  • Creative Fun At Fired Up!

    Gretchen is on-location at Fired Up Studios in Peoria Heights with Manager, Heather Hogan, checking out their great Cork & Canvas classes and more!

  • Sign Up To Run Your First 5K Today!

    The I've Decided Campaign has partnered with Running Central for "My First 5K!" Brian Bobbitt, with Running Central, and Kim Martin, Founder of I've Decided, are in the studio with a look at how you can decide to register for your first 5K!

  • The "Collide" Trilogy Author Ashley Stambaugh Is In The Studio!!

    A Central Illinois Author specializing in Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Fiction, Ashley Stambaugh has completed two out of three books in her "Collide" trilogy! She's in the studio now with a look at the journey her books can take readers on, and what we can expect from the third book in the trilogy!

  • Lose Weight Safely With Complete Nutrition!

    It's National Nutrition Month, and Complete Nutrition has some great things to help you lose weight, and keep the weight off! Store Manager, Ryan Skaggs, is in with a look at what they can do for you!

  • Beltone's New Hearing Aid "Legend"

    Laurie Chiou, Owner of Beltone Hearing Care Centers, is in with a look at the newest hearing device, the "Legend!"

  • Hardee's Fresh Baked Biscuit Bake-Off!

    Tom Trotter, with Hardee's, is in the Good Company Kitchen giving us a taste of the delicious Fresh Baked Biscuits, and a preview of the Biscuit Bake-Off!

  • Happy St. Patrick's Day From Darren & Mark!

    Darren Wright is in for Gretchen today, celebrating St. Patrick's Day with Mark!

  • The CW4's Premiere Of "iZombie" !

    Sales Manager for the CW4, Jordan Borders, is in with a preview of the new show "iZombie," premiering TONIGHT at 8:00 p.m.!