Good Company Archive

  • New 4 You Is Turning 2!

    Gretchen is on-location at New 4 You Upscale Consignment with Owner, Kathy Beebe, and Regina Dravis, checking out the great pieces they have in store, and getting the scoop on their 2 year anniversary celebration!

  • Best Friends Friday Extra

    Aries, Bogart and Maxe are looking for a good home in the Heart of Illinois!

  • Skin Care Tips For Babies!

    Winter weather can be particularly tough on baby's tender skin. As parents look to bundle up and protect their infants from the cold, it's important that they get products that are gentle on baby's sensitive skin!

  • Trouble Free Furnaces For Winter!

    It's that time of the year again... to check your furnaces! Edith Hibberd, with Trouble Free Heating and Cooling, is in with more on what you need to do to get your furnaces ready for winter!

  • Koala Center For Sleep Disorders Can Help You Sleep!

    The Koala Center for Sleep Disorders provides treatment for Sleep Apnea and many other disorders! Dr. Rodney E. Willey, Founder and Director of Koala Center for Sleep Disorders, is in with more on how he can help you get great sleep!

  • Hearty Meals At Edge!

    Gretchen is on-location at Edge in Junction City with Executive Chef and Owner, Dustin Allen, trying a delicious and hearty dish perfect for the cold weather!

  • Ultimate Interiors: Help Choose Darren's New Flooring!

    Gretchen is on-location at Ultimate Interiors with Designer and Owner, Darren Wright, checking out the awesome things he's doing to downsize!

  • Get UltraBronz'd This Winter!

    Mark is on-location at The Ultimate Tan with Manger, Jen Vandusen, getting the scoop on how you can get UltraBronz'd for the winter!

  • Layering 101 At Belle Mie

    Gretchen is on-location at Belle Mie with Owner, Jade Wagenbach, learning how to layer for the winter!

  • "The Sound of Music" At Peoria Players Theatre!

    We've all seen the movie, "The Sound of Music," but the musical stage version is just a little different! Here with a preview of the Peoria Players Theatre version, opening next month, is Director, Mary Ellen Ulrich!