The Affordable Care Act and You: part 17

By WEEK Reporter

January 29, 2014 Updated Jan 30, 2014 at 10:35 AM CDT

PEKIN, Ill. -- The number of Illinois residents enrolling in Obamacare remains lower than expected.

Now, some private insurance companies are reaching out to get those numbers up.

Bill Shock with the Unland Companies in Pekin was one of the insurance executives who consulted the state before the roll out of the Affordable Care Act.

New numbers from the Kaiser Family Foundation show that 155,000 Illinois residents have been determined eligible to enroll in a Marketplace insurance plan.

That's far short of the state's goal to get 600,000 people covered.

"I think there was so much information, so much noise, if you will, in all the news sources and all the social media about the difficulty to navigating the exchange that maybe people did procrastinate," Shock said.

The good news in all this, you still have two more months to enroll.

To help things along, insurance firms are starting private exchanges to help their customers navigate the different options available from several companies.

"Whether it's sitting with them individually, or helping go to other websites, to help them acquire the coverage that they need is a good thing," said Shock.

Bill Shock's advice: take a look at the different plans and become an informed consumer.

The deadline to complete the ACA application, without penalty, is March 31.