Get Some Inner Balance to Stay Centered

Back to Basics: Finding Balance in a Chaotic World

By WEEK Producer

July 13, 2010 Updated Jul 13, 2010 at 2:46 PM CDT

Part 2: Back to the basics/ Finding a balance in a chaotic world

Housing prices are plummeting, and your 401K has taken a dump. Americans everywhere are having economic panic attacks and few people know how to cope with the anxiety that is related to these tumultuous times. Tonight we will give you some down to earth ideas to help you find some inner balance to stay centered.

Can you give us some insight into what people are experiencing?

• We are witnessing the direct correlation between people’s emotional well-being and their financial health

• There is an increased rise in anxiety and many Americans feel like they are on the edge emotionally

• Many Americans are noticing not only emotional effects such as fear, but also an increase in physical symptoms such as backaches, headaches, colds, and minor illnesses.

What are some simple things that our viewers can do to regain their balance?

• Focus on the basics. Eat healthy, get plenty of sleep and stay away from sugars that will increase your anxiety level

• Eat calming foods such as turkey, bananas, tuna and seafood which will increase your production of stress reducing serotonin

• Increase your circle of friends: Talk about your concerns with people close to you. You will notice that talking to someone empathic can lower your fear ratio

• Get some exercise. Exercise is a natural anxiety reducer, so find a way to get 20-30 minutes of exercise each day

Any other suggestions to help people lower your anxiety level?

• Stop ruminating. Fear leads many people to constant rehashing of thoughts that are anxiety producing. Try to catch yourself when you are ruminating and try to focus on something positive

• Replace negative thoughts with some portion of the thought that is neutral or different. (if you fear losing your job then replace the thought with ideas of how to make yourself more valuable to your company)

• Journal: Too often our mind fills with anxious thoughts and it never seems to empty. One way to lower our anxiety is to journal and give those fears a means of expression so they can be released.

• Find a purpose: When people fear anxious they tend to feel out of control and their world seems to be spinning around them. One way to calm the fear is to focus on something purposeful in your life. Focus on what you are adding to your family, your job, your community. When you change your thoughts, you can change your worldview!

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