Ask Dr. Joy: Magazines and Money Quiz

By WEEK Producer

March 28, 2012 Updated Mar 28, 2012 at 7:27 PM CDT

PEORIA, Ill. -- In tonight's Dr Joy -- how do you handle your money?

No one ever wants to talk about finances or how they spend their money, but Dr. Joy has a short quiz you can take that might reveal your spending philosophy.

The scenario involves reading a magazine. Imagine you get a new magazine. How do you go through the features?

Do you:
* Read the magazine in order from first page to last
* Jump to the articles that you know will interest you and read only those
* Flip through the pages and read anything that seems interesting
* You read the features in the same order that you always do

Your choice reflects many choices but how you budget your time relates to how you handle resources, specifically your money and about your personality.

If you...

* Read the magazine from page one to last: You are the type of person who knows every penny is spent. You know this because you like to know where you stand and like to have things in order and as they "should be." You are someone who likes to have things organized, in place and predictable
* Jump to the articles that interest you: Money burns a hole in your pocket and if you have a yearning for something you go for it. You are a free-spirit and love to be spontaneous even if there is a risk.
* Flip through the pages and read what is worthwhile: You are economical. You don't spend your money frivolously or waste your resources. You are conservative, cautious and watchful.
* You read the magazine in the same order as you always do: You spend according to habit regardless of the changes in your life. If you won the lottery, you would still probably shop in the same discount stores-you are a creature of habit. You tend to do things in the same way you always did despite changes in your life… this could create difficulties because you have a hard time letting go of things that really need to be released.

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